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watch out besht, some kid who's too young to get the "mau mau" reference will accuse you of racism! ;-)

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Michael--I agree with you but why blame Tobin? he's just one journalist. there are plenty other people who make the same mistake of believing that the Palestinians want "what everybody wants": peace, prosperity, a better life for their children, etc. they do not. they want to kill Jews and glorify the killing of Jews.

that's why the "peace process" is as fake as the historical Palestinian Arab people. they will never be satisfied until Israel is Palestine and all the Jews are dead.

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look: Obama forced Bibi to apologize to the Jew-hater Erdogan. in exchange, Turkey was not going to go ahead with their idiotic prosecution of Israel in the ICC. Bibi obliged. Erdogan weaselled out and is apparently upping the stakes.

a secular Turkey was admitted to NATO about 60 years ago. the quasi-Islamist nation it's turning into would never have been allowed to join the alliance, and it shouldn't be allowed to remain if it's going to be so virulently anti-Western and anti-Israel.

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r-i-i-ght...because if we have learned anything in the last few weeks, it's that everything the "right wing" says is nutty and totally without foundation.

like that wacky right-wing story about how the IRS was targeting them just because they were conservatives. where did those loons ever get THAT idea?

btw, did you know the anagram for HIllelA is "H. all lie"?

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#5 is my pet peeve: "As for gridlock: This is actually inherent in our system of government. It’s called “checks and balances” and “separation of powers.” yes!

the low-info types like to parrot that "Washington is broken." but ask them what they mean, and they don't really know. they just know that it's wrong for mean Republicans not to agree with Obama on everything.

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MSNBC, you may be interested to know, has decided to cover the AP scandal a little differently. Rachel Maddow apparently thought a look back at Pete Hoekstra whining about some Bush-era leak was the most advantageous use of her time tonite. for Rachel, it's always going to be 2003 and Bush's fault. (for Al Sharpton, it's always 1962 in Selma, and Chris Matthews I think believes himself to be almost a Kennedy.)

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you know, I was starting to reply to you and I re-read that Planned P'hood statement, and I think it's even more insidious than you thought:

could they be saying that the fact that Pennsylvania had a 20-week limit is what caused a monster like Gosnell to exist in the first place? after all, I suppose they could argue that if women could get abortions up to, oh, let's say 29 weeks anywhere, that they wouldn't need to go to the Gosnells? I wouldn't be surprised. PP is indeed committed to any abortion, any time.

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explain how that is bullshit, please. sounds about right to me.

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Erdogan's going to be at the White House in 2 days? if Obama doesn't rake him over the coals for this, yes I will be surprised. as lumiere points out, Obama helped negotiate the poorly conceived apology, so it's a slap in the face for Erdogan to be weaseling (sp?) out on it. Obama doesn't care much about Israel, but he does care rather a lot about his ego.

and anyway, with GateGate breaking everywhere we look, Obama's going to need all the friends he can get. maybe he'll finally realize which side his matzoh is buttered on.