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Everything you picked was Old Testament and applies more strongly to Jews than Christians or Muslims.

It's hard to find much in the New Testament advocating violence because all early Christians were pacifists.

You could certainly argue that most "Christians" today are heretics because they've completely rejected Christ's teachings and values (pacifism, poverty, chastity, isolation). Not to say there aren't REAL Christians out there, look at the Amish.

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"Later on, the Romans herded Christians into the circus and sicced the lions on them. Those they didn't burn. I suspect Christianity spread all over the world as Christians fled trying to find a place in which they'd be safe."

Frightfully ignorant. The Romans did not burn Christians. The reason some Christians were executed was not because of their "morality" but because they Christians refused to honor Roman gods or pay taxes. MOST Christians in the 2nd-5th centuries followed Roman law and weren't executed.

"Was it because they were inherently aggressive or is it just that "paybacks are hell"? "

Why should this matter to a religion supposedly built on nonviolence? You'll find that ALL early Christian church fathers (2nd through 5th century, all the Apostles) taught that Christians weren't allowed to use violence in any form, ESPECIALLY self-defense. This is WHY they were martyred by the Roman Empire.

Church leaders CHANGED the Christian faith in the 5th century to accommodate Roman morality (Christians taught non-violence and poverty up to this point) They shifted the focus to mere belief in the Trinity (another concept invented in the 5th century). They made these changes to make Christianity more appealing to the Roman public.

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"Christians don't do 9-11's. To anyone. Anywhere."

9-11 was a unique incident, Muslims don't "do" 9-11s either.

Christians DO commit bombings, look at Northern Ireland.

Christians commit horrible war crimes, look at Serbia or our own soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Christians have committed suicide bombings in Israel.

"And what part did the Muslims play in that little skirmish?"

Defending themselves against crazed cannibal invaders?

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B) is not theism or Christianity. It is a philosophical position called "deism". Look it up.

C) Believing that a 1st century Jewish peasant created the universe.

Christians believe in C, not A or B which are both fairly reasonable philosophical positions.

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"You know, I used to be just like Seth MacFarlane, talking down Christians at every opportunity."

"I have nothing against atheists or people of OTHER [emphasis added] faiths"

So you converted to Christianity and NOW you think that Christians are somehow "persecuted".

Imagine that.

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Paul Hill was a member of Operation Rescue, the largest pro-life organization in the USA. Members of Operation Rescue prayed with him before his execution and probably assisted in his crimes. Eric Robert Rudolph, another pro-life terrorist, was also a member of Operation Rescue. Roudoph was far more successful in his string of clinic bombings injuring hundreds of people. He was directly supported by Operation Rescue with money, weapons, target lists, fake identity papers, etc. Operation Rescue ran a string of "safe houses" for him and other terrorists.

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Tell people in Northern Ireland how nonviolent Christians are.

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Look up Godwin's Law.

Most of those posting, as well as Mark Zukerberg, believe in free speech. You clearly do not. You are involved with the Jewish Internet Defense Force, a group of Internet vigilantes that is trying to get all "anti-Jewish" material off the Internet, mainly through threats to hosting providers.

More importantly, the JIDF is crazy. They accused President Barack Obama of being a terrorist, racist, and "anti-Semite". They also said he was a Muslim and a member of HAMAS.

It seems to me the real perpetrator of hate here is you. You responded to this post:

"As a fellow Jew, I know of many needy organizations who would appreciate your POSITIVE efforts. By the way, how were you and I effected by any of this, or how might we be in the future?"

with this

"You are no fellow of mine. You bring shame to all Jews world wide."

Apparently you're just as down on Jews that don't agree with you as the Holocaust deniers.