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I love this

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Works for me. Thank you

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I think that's a vital point. The reification or solidification of voices and a developing relationship with them does seem to be core to VD (…unfortunate abbreviation there), for better or worse. I can see merit, in CT, in not setting up little altars to each of my personality traits so that I can cling to them for the rest of my life.
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I did an experiment once during a visualization that cut out the need for a facilitator doing voice dialogue. I visualized Augustine (of all people!) as the facilitator doing voice dialogue on me.

I guess the risk of self-deception is greater in this case than in normal voice dialogue, but if I can access those genuinely "core states", maybe it could work.

Anyway, the Core Transformation book is ordered. Can't wait to dive in. Thanks for your post.

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Interesting. I was just chatting with Alan Chapman about Core Transformation. Is the book a good place to get started, or do you recommend a live session? I've tried some things like voice dialogue in a community setting (minus the Big Mind/Big Heart overlay, which I'm reserving judgement on), to some success, but it's really dependent on having a good facilitator to ask the "right" questions; there are in that context wrong questions. How does that compare to CT?

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Tolle has made spirituality relevant and real for so many people! What he's talking about are timeless, ancient human truths, but I'm inspired to see them embraced (without dogma or sectarianism) by so many people, in such down-to-Earth language.

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Some of the lines Johnson picks from "A Joseph Campbell Companion" are like the air we breathe nowadays. It's easy to forget how revolutionary Campbell's ideas were, how his language has shaped the entire culture of self-improvement.

I mean, it's hard to imagine a time when people weren't spouting "follow your bliss," "you can't have an omelet without breaking the eggs," and "say 'yes!' to life." It's a testament to Campell's influence that these phrases have become business and personal development clichés!

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Wow! Thanks for bringing our attention to this. Lots of good behavior on both sides.

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Spiritual materialism may be an unfortunate, necessary step a lot of people have to make before they find the one school or lineage or tradition they can drill down into. Has anyone in this discussion gotten "where they are today" without a little shopping around in the beginning?

Plus if Johnson is cutting out some of the rhetoric, the branding, the good & bad design and the hype and setting up these authors' ideas on an even playing field, we're all better off.

How many amazing ideas are pitched in hideously designed books in shamefully unselfconscious language? How many shallow ideas are posed in well-written expensively designed books?