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we needed the baby swing for the first few months, but it was a pain always having to have D cells on hand. We ended up buying rechargables that we won't use again till we have another munchkin. Swaddle blankets were pretty needful, too, the ones with velcro tabs were so much easier. But what we still use and wouldn't give up for ANYTHING is our tummy tub. Check it out at

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getting ones with the right fit and enough convenience can be a challenge, each baby has slightly different needs. frankly, I wish I was more crafty, because I don't really want to spend lots of cash to buy someone's name on my kid's butt. I just want diapers that fit, don't leak, and wash easily. I'd rather make them than chase after the perfect golden fleece diaper cover.

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While that is a reasonable caveat, the fact is, in many respects marijuana is actually good for you. Quite a lot of the hype about how bad it is, is just that, HYPE. Some pretty compelling studies exist on marijuana's cancer fighting properties, it helps with nausea and anxiety, can help with high blood sugar, and absolutely safely helps with HG, which I was diagnosed with during my two pregnancies. I suffered through with my first, but when they put me on Zofran with my second and I started getting massive migranes whenever I took it, I decided that I had to try something else.

Thanks, Alisha, for being brave enough to share your story.

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I'm gonna have to go with dark purple with lavender lining.