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Thanks for taking the idea seriously. It'll take a broad array of experts, but you're right -- we can find them.

Already, a human rights satellite is needed in China!

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Two great features. Now if only Twitter had auto-moderation... hopefully this starts a trend :)

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Update: someone recently published a "Health Data Bill of Rights": It's quite a bit more specific than this, and as a result will probably much more effective :)

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A note on your data rights and this website: I myself struggled with how to honor the right of individuals to control any data (name, email, url, and content) they may post here when commenting. My solution is to offer commenters -- at the cost of signing up for the free service -- the option to comment via IntenseDebate, which allows editing or deleting your information in the future. If you choose to comment without IntenseDebate, I'll still honor any data rights requests (editing, anonymizing, deletion, etc.), but I'll have to do that manually.