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I would like to see ice dancing with all teams in a group simultaneously performing with a paint ball element amongst themselves.Each flight of five or six teams would have unique colors for each team.

For pairs figure skating I propose something similar with each flight of five to six teams performing simultaneously. I propose a minimum of three throw moves and opposing teams getting triple points for paint balls (or laser tag if done in the dark) when they strike while the opposition is in the air.

Anything that hits a snowboarder when in the air should be a sport unto itself, possibly using biathlon athletes as shooters, though I'm not sure how this could be worked out.

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Here you go.

Same company, etc..

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One HP computer that keeps working, slowly.

I bought a memory foam mattress early this year from Amazon for a price that would be impossible to hope for locally, and that is the best purchase I've ever made online.

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My son gave me a Harmony 880 remote control from Logitech. Its bitchin'.

It has built-in macros that automagically signal the pertinent equipment to watch BluRay, listen to DVD Audio/Sacd, listen to radio, fire up the DVR and/or shut off what is working when switching to a different mode of use.

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My dad has one of these. It is not this pretty. It is for real use. He is a retired fire fighter from Detroit.

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I would go to high performance driving schools and write about them. When I finished that I would probably start on other transportation dynamics schools, starting with fixed wing aircraft, reviewing new driving schools as they came up. Then maybe helicopter schools. Then write books on what I learned. Rinse, repeat.

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I was thinking more BelAir or Biscayne-y. Nonetheless I like the lack of attachment to recent half-roundness.

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I contend that R2D2 is the hero. While Anakin, Darth Vader and Luke were going about their tasks in ham-handed fashion, R2D2 was saving the universe from the errors, irrationality and foibles of faulty humans.

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Brunel, is that you?

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My sole concern is that Mr. Gilles doesn't get called up by Fiat for this. Otherwise, move along. Nothing to see here.