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Blueprint for brilliance -- this really defines where I want to get to from the path that the PN is on. i feel like over the last few months I've started on a path of focus and self discovery. I had a bit of an epiphany yesterday that as a child I developed stress coping mechanisms of avoidance and disengagement. Today that shows up as a difficulty in defining/ declaring with sincerity and passion what it is I want . More reflection needed here on the "so what" and "now what"

I'm with Bernard....I don't understand the limited comment space....although perhaps I should take it as feedback to be a bit more pithy.

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Transformation vs. change -- that is a new vision on which to focus across the full spectrum that the PN is opening. As a frequent "dabbler" this speaks to me as where focus needs to be -- and I like the idea of creating the structures in your life to create true transformation.

Seperately I'm going back through Mark Joyner's Simpleology courses -- something he talks about is strengthening and weakening decisions, and taking action to make the first easier and the 2nd harder.

I like the gap as it speaks to realizing potentiality -- not just in the physical but in lift more holistically..

Focus -- yes I'd like some of this. PN Tribe -- any tips on how to get focus? I'm not sure I want to call it ADD (way over used IMO) but I do have the attention span of a 2 year old. Seriously about the time they turned 3 I realized my kids could stay focused longer than I could...

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Take a look at -- good exercise programs. Also look at Finally for a full lifestyle review.

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The Shaw quote "This is the one true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a might one..." spoke to me as I continue to feel that I'm not giving back to the world all that I'm capable of .

"Mastery is practice. Mastery is staying on the path." Reminds me of Yoda ("is no try, only do") and Mark Joyner's Simpleology ("keep hitting it until you hit it")

Habits / rituals / practices..common theme in the notes. I like the new twist here that the practice is for the sake of the practice

Homeostatis -- this is big. Both the opportunity to adjust set points (happiness / financial) per other notes, and for me the recognition that I'm a dabbler often.

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I like the idea of only losing 100% of the time when you argue with reality. Really comes back to a recurring theme across the notes of living in the moment.

The 3 kinds of business aligns to Covey's circles of control / influence / concern -- I love that model. I've found it to very useful both in keeping myself straight, and even more so as a coaching framework.

Compassionate alarm clock -- waking to new reality (and new possiblities?) -- neat idea.

On the idea of "lies we believe" is that often we're writing stories that aren't based on fact. Goes back to the idea of worrying about what others think of you -- when in reality they aren't really thinking of you....

Getting rid of should -- powerful and effective -- I've been focused on that since the Tony Robbins note. Very freeing to let go of "should"

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No one is smart enough to be 100% wrong...great reminder / phrasing on how to acknowledge that other people are living their own truths

State vs. stage is powerful. I have the bad habit of jumping in with both feet to a new practice, getting all excited about the possibilities, and then discovering that the level of energy can't be maintained. I like the idea of building structures -- ties in to Tony Robins "rituals" and Marci Shimoff's take baby steps / employ kaizen approach.

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Focus -- eliminate the what-ifs and if-onlys (and for me the "could-bes)....and get to working on what you really want.

Somewhat not surprising given the book title but interesting the number of times clarity / focus come up. I'm reminded of a quote (I forget who said it) that "you can do anything you want, but you can't do everything you want."

I also like the idea of optimism as the primary predictor of your future. I've been focused on a theme of 2010 is going to be a great year -- happy with how it is going so far.

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Great formula you've outlined....I'm printing it out to reflect on how I can put it into practice in my life...nice encapsulation of some key themes from the PNs

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Love the Somerset Maugham quote --- found it it to be true -- reflecting on what "the best" would be in my life and claiming it...

Emphasis on action is important -- talent and intelligence aren't enough...

Make positive habits easy / bad habits hard -- easy to say...hard to do.. But the answer lies in the will ("when motivation lags willpower takes over...")

"The quality of your moments produces the quality of your life." and "carpe punctum" -- powerful, and an important reminder that years / months / weeks / days are too big to impact -- they aren't the NOW.

Recognizing emotions you feel are hiding fear -- insightful

Money as neutral energy we can use to circulate our values -- that is empowering

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Key reminders "You have gifts to give to the world. GIve them. " It reminds me that I need to strive to be my highest and best self, and give back from the enormous gifts I've gotten. One thing how to share PN?____Focusing on the path not the prize. Too easy to focus on the desired ends and overlook the work needed to get there. Also ties into the idea of "taking steps, even baby steps, always leads to success." As a formula:__ - Objective (decide on one -- and stretch your imagination -- daily quotes from Abraham (via Jerry and Esther Hicks) "It is as easy to create a castle as a button. It's just a matter of whether you're focused on a castle or a button.:__ - Develop your plan / lay out your path (how will you get there)__ - Focus on the path (David Allen in Getting Things Done, talks about "what's the next action?"__ - Execute__ - Repeat 3 and 4 ....____Inspiration from Brian -- "Let's wake up every morning striving to find more and more powerful ways to give ourselves to the world, shall we?"