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Hi Gail, Super Fan: I just finished the video tour of the 2011 Dream Home in Stowe, VT. I must say that the taste and style of this home and the way you presented it is representative of impeccable taste and style. You are an amazing commentator with an eye for detail in every room. I am so very excited about this new and upcoming home giveaway! Thank you and the HGTV design staff and Construction Crew for a fantastic opportunity to live a real dream come true.

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I'm just now getting around to congratulating Adam on his win! He really seems like a serious student who will appreciate this indeed. Thank you HGTV for making this possible for people.

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I think that was the winner for the trip to the cabin from back in August. Sharon Campbell.

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A cover on the 400 sq ft back porch. The snow is going to pile up without one.

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Hi Imbarshaw: I too entered for the Dream Home in New Mexico as that is where I currently live. The area in which the home is situated is very remote although the home itself is absolutely gorgeous. Having lived in the desert for 23 years now & after the loss of my husband in 2004 I find that living
here (I'm not an original of course) is really not at all what I want for my retirement years. An apartment would work, but I would have to make arrangements for the other furry members of my family. So, in other word, I'm leaving up this decision to the powers that be. I love the blog cabin dearly and the area in which it is located is nearby to old acquaintances. Vermont, though is really quaint and wouldn't at all in my opinion be a bad alternative! Just get me out of the desert please, the summer was horacious and I'll not wish to stay another.

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Thanks for the posting, Kathy, I really like the desktop pictures. The anticipation on the 2010 blog cabin is killing me.

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By the way, my most sincere heartfelt congratulations, Sandra and Kermit !

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I personally would like to see the next HGTV Green Home built in the North Georgia area. The land around there is rolling and green and has a friendly feel about it, many people commute from the Atlanta area and are very environmentally conscious.

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Since I have already posted a comment to put in my ballot for the art strand, I feel complete and satisfied. There are those who are probably disappointed they didn't get a visit from Mr. Durie, as am I. However, I found something so satisfying in the LEED green home pea pods that are being built in this area where I',m hoping soon to have a job and move to. This has been great fun!

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Hello everyone, I see so many great comments about the wall hanging as it is one of the things I will miss looking at every day since this contest began! Now to find this wonderful surprise. Gail you are wonderful and this art piece would indeed be cherished.

As for things I personally do to make my life more in accord with nature and therefore; more green, I have been doing things for many years such as rarely purchasing new furniture. I have furnished several of my homes of past with garage sale and antique store pieces that I have restored, and re-stained. I love to do antiquing and decopaguing. Rarely do I throw out newspaper as I keep it for storing away precious breakables and to pack away gifts. On occasion I have used newspaper for insulation. Magazines after four months I donate to the local hospital and to various doctor's offices around town. I have always been gasoline conscious and when it comes time to schedule errands I try to make a circular pattern that leads back to home. When taking campus classes, I ride my bike to and from classes to avoid having parking issues, to get exercise and save on fumes and reliance on fossil fuels. I don't use plastic bags, I use paper and for grocers who don't have paper I take my own bag. I use lower watt bulbs, heat and cool only the rooms I'm in, and wash full loads of clothes that I have pre-hand washed so that I can use cool water. The hot water heater needs replacing, but I only turn it up an hour before washing dishes once a day and then to bathe.