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"By law"? What Law? I thought it was just a FB rule....

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Make sure if you plan on rebuking someone, you know the facts, the full story of whatever it is you are rebuking. Most importantly, like your post eludes to, it should be someone you know WELL, a friend, not an acquaintance, nor someone you know on the surface simply cause you've gone to the same church for the past 10 years.

I've been rebuked by people who not only didn't know me, they didn't know the truth of the situation they were rebuking.

Rebuke is an 'earned' right, between two people who trust and love each other.

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I'm looking forward to reading this book.

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Congratulations Jennifer on winning the book!

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Thanks Matt!

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We run a fan. The only down side is that when we travel and there is no fan, we can't sleep!

Since we're on the sleep topic...What do you think of the "napping at work" that gets talked about?

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Yeah, summer's been kind of busy, so I haven't posted much. Thanks for stopping by, again :)

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Holy crap that was funny!

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The first image that comes to mind with the word "Boycott" is a group of villagers with pitch forks and scythes running down the road screaming incoherent absurdities. The sad thing is, most if not all, Christian "Boycotts" I've heard of are just that.

With that in mind, No, Christians shouldn't "boycott".

I can't picture Jesus "Boycotting" anything, except maybe, the Religious Establishment.