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I love this line: "We recognize that there are great applications out there that other people use, but that is for them to use… not us." I think you should add... "...even if we really really need it."

It's so true. I deal with that mentality all the time. The worst part is, it's people I respect greatly. These are not dumb people so the question remains: (why are they acting like it? j/k) how do we reach them? (lk dannyjbixby said...)

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The Wave is great. We've been using it for the initial planning stages and brainstorming. One of us throws an idea out there, and people can quickly comment or respond to each part. When I sign back in, I can easily see new feedback, and there's no guessing what part of ur original message they're responding to. Way faster than email!

i agree with sblumer's comment, it'd be nice if they sent an email or tweet to u when there's new content in a Wave.

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Lol, yeah my site is prob down. I'm a newb to this whole web site thing and I can't figure out why my site loads so slowly and why it goes down periodically. I'm doing some research into it... :-)

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Oh my goodness! Thank you for telling us about XRAY. I'm in love with it (you know, in a "nothing my husband will be jealous about" kind of way). I'm gonna spread the word about this one.

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Geez...i ignore the internet for a few days and I miss all the "fun."

John, I learn a lot from watching how you handle yourself when people go all judgmental on your blog. Thanks for showing us how to be graceful with the critikz.

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Hey this was a great tutorial. Thorough and informative. Thanks for putting this together! I'm def upgrading from twhirl to seesmic now :)

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Wow. Thank you for this. It's awesome to see that others struggle from this kind of stuff to. Thanks for being so authentic. Thanks for the inspiring words too. Phew...

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I would be ecstatic if you did a group blogging project to Free for two reasons. (1) it's free so anyone can follow along, (2) i won't arrive at the party half-way thru like i did with the flickering pixels group blog (but that's just my opinion :)

Oh and thanks for the heads up on the "controversy." I didn't even know...

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Lauren here! First time visiting your blog, and I have to say, this is so clever! I'm going to share it with our churches. Best of all, it's free!