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They, the Muslims, do not cease to amaze me with their 2 face and huge lies. the don't stop at nothing.
I wanted to answer Sayed, but Christopher did a god job as usual.

I bleieve that they (Muslims) sense the end of Islam is on its way. So, they say anything, anything a tall forgetting that Islam was exposed without return. Not even the 'mighty' Obama can do anything about it, except go down with them.

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Well, we know for a fact that this fake president is professional liar.
What annoys me those Americans, who are in coma.
Even as a professional liar, he is not doing a good job, STILL some Americans are burying their heads (brains) in the sand.
I don't get it.

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Obama knows very well those violent surahs in the Koran. He studied them in Kenya in school and in the mosque where he attended. He is ignorant, but not in Islam. He is a pathetic liar.
He is failing horribly in his job,but not in promoting Islam. This is his main concern to islamize American and destroy it.

The question is ARE WE GOING TO LET HIM?

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Yes he is a pathatic liar. But, wait. He did not hide his love to the Muslims in his campaign. He contradicted himself and lied many times.
I blame most those who voted for him and the perfidious media.

The Congress must do something now if they have a little brain and patriotism in their cold blood.

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You are right, maryme, lying is a sin in the Bible. Not so in the Koran. Actually the Koran encourage decption and lies for the good of Islam!
Islam is criminal. No doubt.
Christianity is love and peace.
“You have heard that it was said, you shall love your neighbor and hate you enemy; but I say to you ‘love you enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those spitefully use you and persecute you.” Mt 5:43-44

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I wish and pray soon, very soon, before he causes mor e damage.

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That doesn't make any difference to him (Obama) that Muslims in the US are .6%.
The man is on a mission, and that is to islamize America. And he is going fast about it.
He is not shy of showing his utter ignorance.
ONLY us (the Americans) are ashamed of having him as president. He is a black mark in the American history. But, he does not care about that, America is NOT his country.

God SAVE America from evil within.

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Obama, i really dislike this name.
To me, it represents fraud, islamic taqyia (deception), lies, arrogant, hand kisser, EXTREME IGNORANCE.
How can he say such nonesense that the US is the largest islamic country in the world? Is he crazy?
Egypt has about 70 (seventy) million Muslims.
Maybe he thinks that we have here, in the USA, more tht 70 million muslims!!!!!!!
How dare Congress allows the president of the US goes around and makes us the most ignorant people in the world. Does'nt he represent the American people?!!
I am ashamed of him.

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1- Muslims come to America and around the world according to a Plan started 40-50- years ago. the islamic GOAL :islamizaton of the globe.

2-As for many Muslims do not follow the Koran, please read my comment to misims, above.

3-Obama is not fooling the terrorists. I was born and raised in Egypt. As a Copt, I can tell you horrible stories of how Muslims dealing with the Copts FOR OVER 1400 YEARS. The Copts are the most peaceful people in the world!!!

You are thinking with a loving heart. Muslims are fed HATE from infacy on.

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What do you mean by bad Muslims and good Muslims?
A Muslim is the one who follow the teachings of the Koran (the code of violence). The Koran instructs its followers to KILL ALL infidels (that includes you and I).
Yes, there are Muslims who do not even have a Koran (Good Muslim!!). But, that does not mean anything for the terrorist leader (Amir). Say, this Amir goes to one of those good Muslim and ask him to go and kill few infidels, He refuses. The Amir will cite all kinds of surahs from the Koran and Hadiths proving to the good Muslim that IT IS HIS SPRITUAL "DUTY" to obey. Still refuses. Threats of killing his family and him, will convince the good Muslim to perform his spritual duty and if killed in the process, 72 virgins are waiting for him.
A win win situation for the good Muslim!!!!