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I try to catch them. If you see more let me know where.

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Good addition to the post, Jim. Thank you.

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Dan, I missed your comment. So honored you would take time. Thank you. I appreciate you more than you know.

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This is a great question.

I would first say that head hunters and job search boards are ultimately working for you. Or at least they should be. So, you can have them saying and listing whatever you choose to. So, the search ad can simply state that you will find the right candidate and then helped him build the right job description.

But this doesn’t mean people get to decide completely what they do. The point is they get to weigh in on how they do it.

For example, let's say as a pastor if I’m looking for a small groups pastor and the one I'm replacing currently excels in online participation. Under the traditional model I might put that in the job description that they need to be skilled in online participation. In the process, I may pass up the best candidate simply because they do not meet that criteria. But it could be that someone else on the team can do online participation or that is simply not as prominent going forward because it was based on a person with a particular skillset. Again, you want the best people for the team at the time. And most the time we need generalists more than specialists. I wrote about that here:

Here’s another post I wrote about replacing team members that might help and expand upon this thought.

So, to answer your question I would list broad responsibilities and keep the generalities limited to the person you hire - as they build their own "new" job description.

Hope that helps.

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These type situations have many layers to them which make it impossible to answer specifically. But your question sounds like a reasonable conclusion.

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I love it. Great family conversation! I would enjoy being in on one of those.

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Thank you

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Thanks, Susan. Happy for you to share anything here with your teaching. Blessings.

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Thanks for adding into the conversation.

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I certainly support that decision. And we've had shut-in ministries (old tape ministries) for years for reasons such as this. Each person has to make up their own mind here. But I do think there are many not returning because of a change in lifestyle/convenience - not specifically for health reasons.

Thanks for commenting and praying for your continued health. And that you find some way to fill the void this has created in your life.