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Stole my answer! The tail end part is a little bit of IAMBIMKEUIATLOS, and the quick police station scene...and the ring trick... But between the moments of 'kill 'em all till there's no one left to kill!' is really wonderful story.

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As a copy wench (at OD, as well. Hey Aaron!), I can believe some of the ridiculous charges...but THAT!? Seriously now! I personally would just be happy giddy that someone actually knew how to format shit into PDFs and I didn't have to explain how to save things to thumb drives or that you come in with things saved as a power point document.

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So, if you could be anyone, living or dead, fictional or nonfictional, for let's say a week, who'd it be and why?

Also, can't cue up the exact time real quick, but is this that 'let's put an eye out' catapult game - Can't find the 'main' game set (only the expansions) but it's called 'Battleground'.

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He does have some good chops to do the variety and all, but it made some kinda weird AU in my head where Splinter and Elmo are hanging out and having tea. And woulda never guessed the Shredder voice!

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I have a serious voice crush on Michael Dorn, Mako, and Doug Jones. No joke. Mostly Mako. Also, a small part of me died when I found out that the guy that did the voice for Splinter in the original movie does the voice for Elmo (Kevin Clash). Seriously. I almost cried.

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Long time listener, first time poster. Question spawned from the fact that I listen to the podcast mostly at work (I work at a toy store chain). So, partly from that I have this question - do you guys have any favorite toys from your childhood? Toys that you'd like to see make a come back? Toys that you're wondering what the hell they were smoking when the thought them up?

Movies Lucas should rename:

-Rain Man

-The Matrix