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Really digging that tree mural in the nursery! Can't wait for the big reveal!

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We received a Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair as a shower gift and it was worked out great! It has no tray, which means your child is eating at the same table to you do which, while messy, is kinda nice. The chair is infinitely adjustable and very sturdy so it can grow with your kiddo. It has a durable lacquered finish so it cleans up easily and still looks great after 2+ years of scrubbing.

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I'm guessing that "Angry Birds" refers to the iPhone game. Seems everyone is talking about it but I've yet to try this thing!

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Yeah, yeah, I know it's a communications tool not a toy, but still... ya gotta get Words With Friends! I'm totally hooked on this turn-based Scrabble knockoff!

Also: Shazam, IMDb, and AroundMe

I haven't found a really good grocery list maker yet, but I'm still looking. Dede & I have been trying ZipList, which is kinda cool because you can have shopping lists that 2 or more people contribute to, but there seems to be a nasty lag in keeping everything sync'd.

Aside from those, I use the built-in email & contacts heavily.

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Not rude at all. Personally, I would appreciate knowing this is advance so I didn't feel as though I might have wasted my time and/or money later.

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I concur that there's a cognitive link with handwritten notes that just doesn't occur when note-taking goes digital. With paper-based notes and lists, which I later migrate into Outlook or other applications, I can move mountains.

It baffles me that the mindset of "technology has to be good for kids, so let's shovel it at them" has become a societal norm without any substantial proof that computer literacy does in fact boost academic achievement. So, I'm leery of computers in the classrooms for that, and a number of other reasons. Immersing children in technology won't give them the tools to thrive in the real analog world If we want to give our kids a base from which to build sustainable futures, we need to focus on equipping them with abilities to think creatively, solve problems, and communicate face-to-face.

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I'm stunned that ANY pastor would support burning of ANY book. This is, despite any assurances otherwise, purely an action born of hatred. My, some of today's spiritual leaders seem to have a very short memory, don't they?

But I'm prepared to summarily dismiss this nutbag since he's from Florida. Can't the rest of us go ahead and vote Florida off the island? ;)

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The new RepRap open-source 3D printer would be a worthy addition to this list. It's an exciting option for one-off prototyping or fabricating of small plastic items for around $500.

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Early to rise would be a good thing. Our toddler is tough to get going in the morning!

This sorta brings to mind something I've noticed a lot of lately - many parents aren't paying attention to the recommended amounts of sleep that pediatricians cite. Several of our friends who have kids between 11-18 months old quite often don't put their children down for bed until close to 11 P.M. - sometimes even later than that! And some of them don't enforce a routine afternoon nap. We can readily tell when our little guy has not gotten enough rest - he's typically cranky and/or belligerent, often actively seeking to do things that he knows will net him scoldings and timeouts.

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Does my heart good to learn of another Bloom County fan. Was so sad to see Opus' tale end. I'm looking forward to when my son is old enough to move into Breathed's children's books.