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You got me pumped today El,
I could not agree with you more. You have to just break out of the "accepted norm"....That's not what we've been called to. There's so much more out there for us than we could ever ask or think.

I also knew that you and I had a lot in common, especially the "What? Did you just say it can't be done? Oh yea? JUST WATCH ME" factor about us. It's something that is just ingrained in our very makeup I believe. Here's to a bright future and a flourishing friendship between us !

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Thanks for the words of encouragement. It's sometimes difficult to strike a balance when writing for two crowds; those who have never heard of SEO and those who are experts.

Regarding an ideal word count for a business blog post: I would definitely recommend keeping the post under 500 words. If you feel the subject matter deserves more than that, consider breaking the topic into a couple of posts that each target one particular idea. In order to include your targeted keywords 3-4 times naturally throughout the post, 400-500 seems to be an ideal number.

Also, the way that a post is visually presented is just as important as brevity. Sub-headers, Bold text, and Bullet Points will guide your readers along and help them find exactly what they are looking for. Remember, web readers skim, scan, and are cruising the web at 70 miles per hour. Avoid cleverly ambiguous headlines, subtitles that don’t push the ball forward, and cutesy sentences. (also, writing for a 4th grade reading level is ideal)

Demian Farnsworth says it best, "Web readers don't want to speculate on how to start a lawnmower. All they want to do is cut the grass." Give them what they need and they will keep coming back.

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Steve, honestly...This is an excellent, excellent blog post. If people would just "get it." I am also a big fan of The Celebration of Discipline. One of my favorite books. I'd like to also add this one fact. Yes, we may be able to prepare for some things, like a possible lay off...but there are so many more possible mishaps that we can NEVER be truly prepared for. Sudden illness, the death of a child, a natural disaster, a financial loss. There are so many "worries" that could plague our thoughts. But in our weakness, He is strong. Whatever we are not prepared for, our Maker certainly is. He is never surprised or without the answers...if we will but turn to Him. He will lift us up to a safe place. He is our Provider, our Physician, our Protector, and a very present help in time of need. I know, without a doubt...that I can "free fall" right off the side of the cliff (my mountain of problems and potential problems) and He will cause me to soar far beyond what I ever thought possible.
Be blessed, Steve! This post blessed my socks off...Oh, I'm not wearing socks... =)

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I have no idea why I haven't been reading this blog before. This is good stuff Steve. I have been missing out. Got lots of catching up to do, but I can see this blog becoming a favorite. You've got what it takes to inform AND inspire. Perfect combination for 2010.

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Thanks Steve. Surprisingly, not a lot of businesses are aware of this easy way to rank in Google search. Really, you can implement this and rank for location even if you don't have a website. I'm on there and I work from home so Google has so happily provided a photo of my house. Glad the driveway wasn't cluttered with kids bikes and junk when the satellite decided to take the snapshot. lol... =)

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Thanks Collier! Yes, it's true. Without the use of SEO, having a killer website is like painting the Mona Lisa and keeping it under a sheet in your basement. Gotta Get Found! =)

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Thanks Kirsti...You are so right. Actually, I never considered how differently individuals "search" until watching my husband looking up something on Google. He usually just slides the keyboard over to me, but one day he was looking for something himself and as I observed, he typed in the exact words, "how do I build a sub floor." This was like a revelation to me. So, I thought to myself... there must be other people who type in the words "how do I" After a bit of research I discovered an army of folks who don't search in abbreviated terminology like I would. This opened an entire new door to "keyword phrases" that I began to target in order to gain new followers.

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Next articles will be geared toward the semi-pro. I promise!

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I guess I am going to have to go ahead and publish it somewhere. Maybe on Facebook ( but my daughter is intrigued by the idea of having a "secret recipe" for something so I'm sure I'll get some flack from her! Thanks Collier!

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Thanks James... I will try to do something for the more advanced next time. There are a lot of newbies out there who I like to appeal to as well. =) And blogging really isn't ground breaking once you get the hand of it.