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You are welcome, Laura! And thanks for writing!

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Kristin, it's tempting to send. But I can't see how anything good would come out of it. Maybe the manager would respond, but it's likely that the employee in question would figure out that I'm the one who sent the note (these things never stay secret) and that would have a backlash.

Or, the manager would ignore it too, and I'd get even more frustrated.

In any case, thanks for the comment!

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"Eighty percent of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact."

"Nobody—not you or your prospect—gets any value from an email that says, 'Just checking in.' It's a waste of your time theirs."

So which is it? Do you need to follow up to get sales, or is follow up a waste of time?

Of course, you *can* be smarter with your follow-up by giving information or being non-generic. But ultimately, the best customers are often those that don't require follow up. The more elaborate we get with our second, third, and fourth messages, the more we teach people that they don't need to be professional and responsible and just return our initial message.

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These are some great (hard won) tips, Laura! Thanks for sharing.

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Great story, Kristin! I'm sure Jeb finds this to be a small investment with tremendous returns. Not only does this give him a sense for what it's like to work with the person, it helps the applicant see that their value makes sense.

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Doug, you are right! You might enjoy this post on a related point:

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That's great, Kristin! Happy to hear it.

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Mel, thanks for writing!

You can certainly use review sites to try and get a sense for a company, but these are kind of like using review sites to get a sense for a restaurant. They might include accurate information about some individual experiences but there is a lot of junk too.

A visit or two isn't going to tell you what the culture is like at a company. But you can use LinkedIn to find people who used to work there, and then ask them. Chances are someone you know is connected to a former employee---and why wouldn't they give you the truth?

And finally, you are never "stuck" in a bad work environment! If you get a new job and you don't like it after a few weeks, you can look for work again.

Thanks again for the comment. Best of luck in your search!

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Thanks for the comment, Laura!

I can understand the desire for better customer service. But you are not the customer. The company is *your* customer.

Think about how customers treat the places where they shop. They browse, they stay past closing time, they ask for refunds and special deals, they want to be treated well but they don't treat store employees well.

If you are seeking work, you are in sales! Don't expect the prospect to follow up with you. Instead, you have to follow up with them.

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Sam, the idea of the local NFL schedule on the back of a business card is certainly interesting. If people have a reason to use your card besides just for contacting you, they might be more likely to reach out.

Thanks for your comment!