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I'm a lawyer and scarcely know another lawyer who uses a Mac. I love mine, don't get me wrong, but almost every office I know seems to be standardized on MS Word for Windows. I can't think of one firm that uses Mac as their office standard.

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I liked your comments. Intelligent, informative and useful observations. But did you have to spoil them with a gratuitous insult? And I happen to be over 45 by almost 10 years. I just never could stand the Beatles. I dislike them as much as I dislike Justin Bieber!

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You have got to be kidding me! The Beatles?? What in the world is the obsession with this tired old group from 45 years ago?? You'd have to pay ME to take their music.

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Why don't they offer a direct debit from your checking or savings account like so many other vendors do? I can pay bills from Home Depot thru a direct debit. There's no fee for that. Why can't the county do that?

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Dude, all of those religions accept homosexuality. Unless "truth" is whatever you decide it is, all you have to do is check those denominations' own websites and find out for yourself. What is your fear?

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Really? Please back that up. The Reform branch of Judaism, the United Church of Christ and the Metropolitan Community Church are just some of the religions that don't teach that. Ancient Greek religion did not believe that. Since your statement is manifestly false, why does it give you comfort to believe in falsehoods? And so what if they did? At various times, religions have believed and taught numerous things that were false (the earth is flat, slavery is moral, women are inferior to men, etc.). Thank goodness we don't live in a society ruled by religion but by laws and reason.

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This review certainly does NOT reflect my opinion after wasting time and money on this movie. It was slow and plodding for the first 2/3rds, though with some suspense, but then suddenly the movie takes a major turn for the worse and becomes incoherent and unbelievable (within the logic of its own premises). I sat there thinking, "this is absurd, who would act that way?" It made the movie seem completely forced and therefore completely destroyed any connection I felt with the characters to that point. In total, it was far worse than the original. I would definitely not encourage others to see it. It's simply a pointless rehash of the first one and not nearly so good.

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Seriously? Anyone who treats gays fairly must somehow be gay? If the record shows anything, the ones you should suspect are religious preachers who are rabidly anti-gay and denouncing homosexuality constantly. Without fail, they end up being outed as major hypocrites covering up their own conflicted secret gay lives. If religions would just shut up about sex and people would stop putting others down, we'd have a much happier world.

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Does anyone know if the included apps are faster? Opening iPhoto 09 is painfully slow and takes at least 2 minutes on my iMac 2.4GHz core 2 duo with 4 Gb RAM. iMovie is faster than that but also very slow. I don't want to waste money on the next version unless it is significantly faster than these two dogs.

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So why are gay children forced to be exposed to the constant heterosexuality of their straight, married teachers? Should teachers just be like nuns at Catholic school? Exposing kids to gay teachers no more turns them gay than exposing gay kids to straight teachers turns them straight. Your concerns are not based on fact but on your own anti-gay feelings.