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You are AWESOME! You know this is timely for me. ;) love you

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Love how God uses you to encourage me Maree. Great post. :)

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YES! So good!!

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Loved it Pam!! I am looking at Baby in a WHOLE new light all of a sudden. ;) And it makes me giggle to think of how her excitement to see me may be a picture God painted for me to understand how He jumps at my door until He has my attention and I let Him in. I love how we can find His beauty in His creation. Great post. lLove u!

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JOANNA!!!! It is about time you write for DIB! I knew you had a gift to write. And I can testify of your gift for hospitality too. I have loved eating with you. It's so refreshing to see a beautiful woman express her passion for food instead of pretending like it's a necessary evil. When we have lunched you always have a way of making me feel special and getting me to talk about things that I didn't even know I had in my heart. I love that about you! ... as for those cob webs ... never seen them or even a spec of dust. ;)
love you!

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LOVE IT Ashley!! I had no idea you were such a great writer! I definitely knew you are full of wisdom, insight, depth and joy, but I really enjoyed reading your story and am encouraged by it. Hope to see some more articles in your future! :)

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When God first started putting me back into leadership places I was nervous. I had heard the saying that ministers need tough skin and a soft heart, but I didn't want to have to protect myself. I heard Him say, "I'll be your second skin."
Great Article Nancy! Love you

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Thank you for sharing about this intimate date you had with your King. I think it's important for others who have not yet experienced this to know that this kind of intimacy with God is available to them as well. I think this post will cause others to pursue Him in the same way. Love you Maree.

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Celeste, I cannot think of a better person to kick off the New Year with inspirational optimism! You are the queen of new beginnings.

I may have a new favorite scripture to pray, 3 John 1:2 is awesome! And of course I can think of a million other things that will spice up life with a little switch up. ;) Great post as usual! love you soon to be birthday girl! [btw, I got your gift to get to the post office. :- / ]

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Great post Nancy. I have found that more often than not, the striving to please isn't about trying to please God as much as it is about trying to please other people who don't care as much about me as God does. Rest is a GOOD thing for sure! Thanks for the reminder. xoxo