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This may be the topic that forces me to clear out the six hours it takes for us to have a podcast conversation and talk about sci-fi again on your show.

Seriously... this is the quote that gets me (emphasis added):

"This script is being developed by two very smart writers, ***with one of the original creators of Ninja Turtles.***"

And then... "Jonathan the director, is a major fan of the whole franchise. HE’S NOT GOING TO LET YOU DOWN."

Sean, you and I are probably one of the few people around in our circles who were not only alive during the birth of the TMNT in the _comic_ world, but probably witnessed the subculture phenom it spawned, ntm the mainstream phenom it became.

TMNT started out as a joke. A parody. Of several popular books at the time (I don't remember exactly which ones, I'm sure it's in Wikipedia. I remember that Daredevil and Cerebus were a couple of them). Then (this is the part I remember pretty vividly), all these other indie publishers popped up with their own parodies of the parody, with the formula <age adjective> <generic adjective> <profession adjective> <animal noun> for the title.

And then - here's the kicker - the creators of the comic sold out what was a somewhat dark story line to be mainstream-ized and made child-friendly.

So when I hear "the director is a major fan," color me unimpressed. When the series went mainstream, it lost a great deal of its character (from dark comedy to mainstream child comedy), but retained, at the very least, continuity, canon adherence, and the details that people look for in a series.

But if you're not even going to adhere to the canon of the series _and_ you're going to change the storytelling style yet again, what's the point of licensing it in the first place? Just to piss everyone off?

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Ah, shut up and eat your awesome. :D

Seriously though, the rumors that it's a reboot just make me want to die. Seriously?

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I'm actually a little disappointed that this is the conclusion. There's so much story to tell around Batman, and I honestly haven't been measurably disappointed with Nolan's style of telling it.

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Different strokes. I get forced into using these things usually once per trip as both Dave and John have Macbooks now. I hate all Apple trackpads. Hiding the buttons is inane and annoying.

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I'd watch it if I found it on netflix.

I can't stand watching "found footage" style shows in a theatre.

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Need Moar Sci-fi.

I know you have opinions on it. You know you want to. :)

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I know a guy in Austin that has some left over phone booths that bear an uncanny resemblence to the Tardis booth. A coat of pain and replacing some of the glass with wood would complete the deal. Want I should connect you to him?

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I heard somewhere that they were replacing the whole writing staff - something that the commentors on that blog seemed to welcome.

I don't think you're quite in the minority you think you are. Seems like people are hungry for this _type_ of show, but all want this particular one to get better, not worse.

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There's been a lot of exits lately, and many in the hundreds of millions or even billions. So strange that they'd even leave that part of the post in there given the bubble in SV and the boom in Enterprise.

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It must be nice living in a world shielded from reality.

Did you look at the screenshot? There's far more going on in his convoluted setup than 1 or 2 bookmarklets.

I mean, seriously. I can understand your level of idiocy if it was hidden away under 2500-3000 words of boring facts and figures. The post *is* the image, and you've still failed to comprehend. I give up. You win by virtue of insurmountable stupidity.