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yes, you can have shared synchronized libraries across different computers

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No, this post is in response to William Campbell Douglass II's newsletter

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Usually the health problems compound slowly over time and people don't notice it until they are faced with discomfort, pain, sickness, or a life threatening disease. And unscientific advice is often used to provide false hope, which is what William Campbell Douglass seems to be doing. I find it especially disturbing in cases when people are desperate and they are not only robbed of their money but also the time they could have spent on viable alternatives or in terminal cases with family and friends.

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As always it's best to get your vitamins from foods. But of course if you are still in need for a multi vitamin supplement a good place too look for what you need is this PDF compiled by Michael Greger http://www.drgreger.org/multivitamins.pdf
Let me know if you need more help.

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I think he rather has strong opinions on how we should arrive at what is morally right and wrong. Why reserve life's moral landscape as the domain for religions and age old scriptures instead of the ever growing information that science can tell us about what makes communities flourish? And I think he made a rather good point in support of the latter. It makes more sense to me to guide my own life in a similar fashion.
He did kinda of dodge the question but the point he made was still a valid one. People internalize cultural, religious, and other value systems where holding one believe/opinion is linked with many others. If I were to believe in God and my church, as most church, is against homosexuality then it might be hard to change my mind on that since I hold close and dear my faith in God. Since God is more important then sexual orientation I choose God over the equal rights of homosexuals. Not all people do it this way but there are far too many go take these rather all or nothing approaches. And his example was that it might make sense to someone to kill their son before he acts upon his sexual urges and go to hell for those acts.

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Not sure when it will be on TV in NYC but you can just watch it online on the Charlie Rose website anytime.

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I'm glade you like the article. Here I covered mostly the practical side of the book. I am writing another post that will give you the jist of what Robert Emmons' book Thanks! is all about. That should have the main concepts and ideas. Nevertheless, if you get a chance I'd still recommend you to read the book. It's a short ready but packed with a wealth of information. Let me know which of the 10 works the best for you.
And I will try to post relevant researches and links to PDFs so you can get them without having to pay.
Let me know what your blog is and link backs would be a great way to keep the conversation going :)

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From personal experience it seems to me as if women are more visual thinkers and men less so but it would be nice to have research test this hypothesis and tease out potential differences.

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Good point, especially because I'm not a visual thinker. I'll add this to my list to look up research about.

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how interesting!
here's a quote from that link:
"the average quality-adjusted life years (QALY) of Vitamin E-supplemented individuals was 0.30 less than that of untreated people. This, of course, does not mean that everybody consuming Vitamin E shortens their life by almost 4 months. But on average, the quality-adjusted longevity is lower for vitamin-treated people. This says something significant."