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I've bought my last six pack of Guiness Apparently the people that make these decisions don't realize they are siding with a group of extremists who are a minority in the world of capitalism.

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Before the Christians start telling the Israelis what to do about the Palestinians, they need to check out what the Palestinians would do to them if they had the chance and it would not be to put them through a check point for their safety! Are these know nothing liberals from the United Kingdom not aware that the Palestinians want to take over Bethlehem, Jerusalem and the entire state of Israel and destroy everything there that is not only Jewish but everything Christian so that in the future they can say that their religion doesn't exist because there is NO proof of anything in Israel. The Christians are obviously oblivious to the fact that Muslims believe that Christians are idolaters and from a religious stand point are infidels, whereas Jews are not considered to be infidels by Islamic standards. International law be Damned.

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Glad to see a journalist finally decided to tell part of the truth about the unemployment situation and it will NOT get better with Obama's financial policies and Obama Care which is like a nuclear bomb waiting to explode on our financial horizon. The actual number of people out of work is around 16 million. To add to the misery, again because of Obama care we are becoming a nation of part time employees because of the rules of Obama Care. This economy under the financial pressures from this administration will never recover. This has been the longest that we have ever been in such a down turn and all because of an administration whose goal seems to be to punish business and the American people and to find new ways to tax us to death.

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Europe must be suffering from the same dementia as the rest of the world including America. What part of Iran= terrorist= Hezbollah does the world not understand ? Their sole mission is world jihad and domination. Here in America this past week one of the so called religion of peace Imams called for Muslims in America to begin jihad against America which in itself is a treasonist act . All they want is war, death and destruction. Time for the world to wake up and realize that freedom, democracy and peace are not compatible with Islam..

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It is an abomination to put Obama's photo on American currency. Who cares what Lews signature looks like. His policies will be more important than his signature. His signature indicates that he is not prone to detail.

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One can readily understand why Obama is supporting Morisi. Obama is sending this radical Islamist American fighter jets on the American taxpayer because Obama is taking lessons from Morisi. First he steals the election and now perhaps he rams a new Constitution down our throats. Obama has said on many occasions that the Constitution is in his way!!! What other American President would cooperate with terrorists groups such as the Muslim brotherhood and Hamas. The American taxpayer is supporting these terrorist thanks to Obama

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Elin is correct, the Ark was still in Jerusalem in 70 AD when the Temple was destroyed by the Romans, so it could not have been n Ethiopia since the time of Solomon. It would be ridiculous to believe it had been in Ethiopia since Solomon anyway, because it was Solomon that built the first Temple which stood until 600 BCE and the Second Temple which was completed around 400 BCE. The Ark was the centerpiece of the Holy of Holies in the Temple so it could not be that it was in Ethiopia since the time of Solomon

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to Isaac regarding Palestine and the Muslims being given the ark. Why should a group of people that have nothing to do with the Ark of the Covenant have ANY say so in this? Further, why should a group of people that would destroy any religious object or idea of another religion be given such an important object or better yet.. why should they even care except that as I said.. it is something they want to destroy just like they want to destroy the world. There is NO such person as a Palestinian. All Palestinians are Jordanians and even Jordan doesnt want you back! Palestine was a Roman name given to the area to mark it as being below Syria, it is NOT a country, the name is simply a map marker!