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Contrary to what a few other posters have said, "this venerable WWII vet" claimed to be 95 - NOT "in his 70s!"

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Doc C lost me with the BushHitler allusion to "extreme nationalism & ethnocentralism" - under Bush 43?!?!? Are you serious? Was the reaction to 911 and the security measures he championed - and which Congress approved - merely "extreme nationalism" (i.e., the existential right for the USA to exist & NOT be obliterated)? And did it morph into - or did the Bush Administration push it into - "ethnocentrism?" That's not what I witnessed and lived through - not what I saw happening in this country. Besides, a large portion of the population was opposed to the Iraq War, so the insinuated "nazification" of the USA really never materialized (except in the over-wrought speech of far too many leftist libtards). Anyway, Doc C can mourn the passing of Howard Zinn - I don't. He lived too long and caused too much trouble as it was.

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As a long-time Conservative with antennae always primed for incoming signals, it's never been difficult to actually anticipate what idiot ilbtards like these two (almost) has-beens would say under any given set of circumstances - i.e., always leftist drivel. Whoopi used to be a relatively accomplished actress; but now she's a charmless tv talking head and sometimes host - living on whatever she had going 10 - 20 years ago. She's getting to be a very unattractive middle-age - and soon to be older - woman. Hang it up, Whoopi and take early retirement - you add nothing to the conversation!! As for Behar, and with all due respect to some actually GREAT "JBs," she is one unattractive and loud-mouth "Jew Broad" (and I'm Jewish, hating that she gives the rest of us Jews a VERY bad name!). Empty-headed and always spouting libtard idiocies - again, someone with absolutely nothing to add to the conversation.

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Yes, the SEIU thugs were caught on video tape at that summer Town Hall Meeting, and the Black Panther thugs' video & pic standing en garde, with night sticks or baseball bats, have been on the 'Net ever since the election night when their actions took place.

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Warren from the UK and Mohammed from Pakistan are entitled to their screwed up view of things - after all, Warren lives in the land of PC and in a country that is slowly being islamofornicated; Mohammed lives in a country that is a total contradiction: While claiming to fight jihad, most of their military are jihadists, and the government has ALWAYS talked out of both sides of its Islamic (I almost said "islamofascist") mouth. Are they our friends or our enemies? Who knows? Certainly, our various Administrations know diddly-squat about the Truth that is Pakistan. Meanwhile, of course, tens of thousands of its poor citizens are singled out daily for death by Islamic Jihad - in fact, those bastards have their hands full trying to kill their own fellow citizens, let alone other nationals.

Let's just put it this way: We have totally different outlooks on islamofascism. "East is East and West is West - and ne'er the twain shall meet." Kipling, that old colonial, wasn't far off-base - it's still ever thus.