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Great post Scott. I totally agree with you. Your perspective here is refreshing among all the debate going on about believing in hell or not based on a certain book buy a fairly well known author. It simply is not the important point and arguing that fact is somewhat pointless. Although I firmly believe there is a hell I know believing in Jesus is the bottom line. Thanks for helping us keep our focus in the right direction.

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Thanks for sharing that with us. It looks like you all had a wonderful time and really enjoyed fellowshipping together.

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You are so right, Scott. I think this is a good challenge and one that will be uplifting to many people. Thanks for the reminder. :-)

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Great post Scott! Many people run into this issue. This should be very helpful. We have always encouraged people to past Word content into text edit or notepad before bringing it to their blog editor. This method is much more direct. Appreciate you brother! Thanks again.

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Great post Zee. Google Translate may not be thrilled but you are right. It is just not up to par...wonder if it will get there someday? It is pretty amazing the ways God finds to talk to us. Bringing this issue to all of your reader's attention via a poor online translation tool? Creative communication from our Lord and Savior for sure! Thanks for being attentive to His leading to post this. It is something we should all keep in mind. Like Herb said, you can't ignore the truth. I have heard many heart breaking stories as well.

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I agree Scott. We have some great blogs on NazareneBlogs.org. You've captured the spirit of which this blogging environment was intended.

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We are under another spam attack and are working on it. We apologize for the inconvenience. We had implemented some measures to defeat the spammers and it was working great but was not allowing people to sign up as a simple user (one who does not have their own blog) in the the Nazarene Blogs environment. In hopes that our measures had discouraged the spammers we reverted to our original sign-up procedures and got hit again. Obviously did not work. We will have it under control shortly. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

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Sign-ups are back and operational. We have added a extra step in the process but I have approved several blogs in the last few days.

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Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. That advice could come in handy someday. I think a lot of people live with hard drives that need to be de-fragged. I think they would be well served to take your advice on this one.

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Bill is right on target and so is Scott in my opinion. My dad is a pastor and I know he would marry them if they went through pre-marital counseling with him. If they didn't attend church at the time of their marriage, his openness to council them and perform the wedding may plant seeds and open a door for them later when they really need to find God. Having had that contact with him and the church would likely make it a bit less overwhelming to come to church at that point.