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Increase penalties? Currently there are NO PENALTIES AT ALL! Nice work, USA Today...

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lack of leadership.

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In every way, this Maher wrong. Admittedly, there was some scuttlebutt about Speaker Nancy's hair and attention to her appearance, but not on the same scale. And in general, that was aimed at 'she spends more time on her hair than on policy' sort of comments. But the Left generally interprets all criticism as inappropriate, so they will happily drag out these old comments aimed at SpeakerPelosi and try to compare them to the current and past attacks on Palin and Bachmann, again excusing their behavior as retaliatory... As if that excuses it, but this is a fight.

Nonetheless, Maher is the epitome of the Left; Nasty, personal, willing to use any vile pretense to discredit his opposition, and wailing in response to ANY criticism that he isn't actually being political he's just making humorous observations, avoiding actual responsibility for his actions.

There is not any equivalent on the Right that I am aware of, though Micheal Levine is close. H, at least, focuses on policy and goals.

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Justin could get an invite if he's not careful, and female Marines are dangerous...

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I would chime in, but the clip won't play on ny phone. Feh.

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The only hard-partying, left-wing politician I can quickly come up with is... dead. I'm not interested in further punishing that one.

Besides, it's not even honorable to rail on about the dead. Ebert should take on someone who can punch him in the mouth.

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Shame on you, Mr. Moore, for celebrating the failings and agonies of Americans who struggle with fast food, expensive healthcare, and evil corporations! Give all that money back now!

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I don't go to movies just for the popcorn. I go to specific theatres for the popcorn, and they have the 'topping' spigots I can use to saturate the top 3/4 of the bag, after I dust it with White Cheddar flavoring.

If they take those away, I will finally subscribe to Netflix and stay home. The theatre experience is unique, but my flat screen at home is very very good, and I can gorge myself on nachos or a real meal.

ps - I just saw Avatar on HBO for the first time NOT in 3D. It was superb. I was cheated by the 3D theatre viewing, it was 3D, but fuzzy and the colors muted. 3D is not worth the diminished quality.

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"Mysoginistic, homophobic, and violent"? Christians burn Q'urans. Muslims burn Christians. I haven't seen a recent report of Christians on violent rampages burning houses and killing people, though I may be merely ignorant of such incidents. Homophobic? We love and welcome homosexuals into our church. God's admonitions towards homosexuals are the same as those towards heterosexuals. Mysoginist? You should be in my marriage class, and quietly put that complaint away. Mysogyny has no place in our church.

And our system of laws, is, I propose, founded on Christian values. You reject all of it?

Christianity cannot even now be described as "demonizing education and science" in the main, and historically Christianity and Islam both promoted and developed modern science. Yes, there are extremists. You cannot judge a philosophy by its abuse.

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Christianity in the U.S. is as diverse as Islam in the Middle East. You rail about extremist positions within the Christian community and assume I share them. You do not know my opinions on any of the issues you raised. That last one, "elect patently inept fools simply because they share some common ground with the myths they were raised to believe.", seems to afflict many Americans.

False certainty in promises that can't be kept is a problem with our current political climate. I'm certain of my faith, thank you. God's promises are so far more reliable for me, in my experience, than even my bank's.

Supernatural nonsense? Real, natural world? You are entitled to your opinion, while I am equally free to consider it misinformed or wrong. I have no proof? I think you'll hang on that accusation as tightly as I cling to mine.