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Here's a report from the inside. Helps identify why people were upset:

"I was able to get in the meeting as I got there early. By the time they started letting us in - the seats were already half taken spread across the entire room. It was obvious that they had let those favorable to gov't healthcare in early and they had proceeded to spread themselves throughout the room and then "saved" seats for others. Therefore, about the only seats left for us "opponents" were in the back and standing alongside the wall. I had a small sign but they did not allow any signs in the meeting room. I had my folder of flyers though so when I got in I wrote on the outside of my folder "No Gov't Healthcare" and held it up the entire time I was there. Opponents still outnumbered those favorable I believe inside the meeting room by perhaps 60-40. The SEIU and HCAN had flyers already in the lobby area and in the meeting room and I proceeded to put my 400 copies of flyers I made on top of all of theirs. Kathy Castor proceeded to "lecture" us how we all must have healthcare insurance and that those with insurance thru their employer, VA or Medicare must pay for those who were "irresponsible" for not having healthcare. She then proceeded to rip the insurance companies ala Nancy Pelosi as the "villains" for most of the problems. Not once did she talk about what was in the House bill, how it was going to be paid for, any specifics of the House bill and of course never fielded questions. Yet this Town Hall was to educate "us" on Healthcare Reform. After Castor spoke, they had several folks they stated were healthcare "experts" . The first "expert" proceeded to start telling a story painting the insurance companies again as the villain and I decided it was time to leave and join those outside protesting Obamacare."

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Looks like it was SEIU thugs manning the door. Figures, since Castor's biggest contributors are all big labor.

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Here's a blow by blow report from one who was there:

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Thanks for sharing, Mike. Go take your mountain! (And invite your friends to come join us here!) Bless ya!

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Thanks for your comment, Nicolas. I disagree with your contention that "all the statistics in this video are false". Statistics are nearly always manipulated, and though the link you provided above provides some balance, it hardly invalidates the preposition of the video, but in fact confirms it. It may not happen as quickly, but the progression towards a Muslim majority in many nations is certainly a real possibility.