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"Doing violence" was a figure of speech. You're misconstruing what van Creveld said & what he really believes.

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You're out of yr gourd. I quoted the JPost w/o changing a word of what the Ramat Shlomo resident said. The resident said that even dogs couldn't live where they intended to put in new housing. In truth, Palestinians would love to build there but can't because Israel refuses to allow to build on their own land.

Richard immediately writes that Arabs are considered dogs, an inflammation that he made up.

You know as well as I that it is extremely common to hear among settlers that Arabs are dogs. YOu can see such graffiti relatively regularly in Hebron & other such settlements.
he and other residents want more local homes.

Yes, they certainly do. They want to steal Arab land & make more homes for Jews, something to which I object.

What's yr address btw? Ramat Shlomo, Hebron, Yitzhar, Kfar Tapuach?

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Uh, I beg your pardon but yes, freedom of speech gives very wide latitude & the anti-Im Tirtzu Facebook group has certainly not libelled or lied about Ronen Shoval & Im Tirtzu. So let Shoval bring suit. Let's test the law & see if you're right or I'm right. If Israel is a democracy, then the court will throw out Shoval's suit so fast his head will spin. The threat to democracy comes fr. Im Tirtzu & not from its critics.

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I know the diff. bet. the Shin Bet & military intelligence & you've read my post rather sloppily if you come away w. that impression. She is being investigated by the Shin Bet as I understand. I wasn't aware that military intelligence has an investigative arm for those who violate IDF secrets. If I'm wrong someone can correct me.

You & I both know that the IDF is angry at Kam & Haaretz for publishing this story & a good deal of the Shin Bet's motivation is to punish her for embarrassing the IDF publicly & revealing it flouts Israeli Supreme Court rulings.

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You don't know what you're talking about. The blog didn't parody my blog it IMPERSONATED me. Do you understand the difference? After five successive copyright violations Blogger took the site down. I didn't threaten legal action. I didn't have to. Neve Gordon brought suit against Steven Plaut because he called him a "Judenrat wannabe." I'm not aware of Michael Lerner ever suing anyone for libel. Pls. get yr facts straight before you write.

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Got it & fixed it. Thanks.

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That's doing violence to what he said & what he believes.

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Keep in mind that van Creveld gave this interview in 2002 before the Lebanon & Gaza wars which proved the IDF had no clothes. You might credibly have argued in 2002 that the IDF was one of the best armies in the world. You couldn't argue that now. As you said, up to the par of a NATO country, but no higher.

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Ajami has been touted by multiple American Jewish film festivals as the cream of the crop of the Israeli film industry. The MFA was in overdrive promoting it for its Oscar consideration. It did so w/o any regard to content or substance. For them, this was merely an Israeli product to be sold to the world. This annoyed Copti.

Have you actually read what Limor Livnat has said about Copti & the film both before & after the blow up?

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You'll notice Neve Gordon wasn't in attendance. Had Neve been speaking Barghouti wouldn't have. He has a bad case of ego I'm afraid & is pissed off at Neve because he's not writing his BDS book w. him & is writing it w. another Palestinian.