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There is a great website for the trail (including maps) -

I have walked a number of sections of the trail - each section very different from the others.

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Just to let you know that we have launched the new Tracking tool and we are asking for feedback -

If you sign in then it will remember your items. It also accepts a very long list of items which can (we hope) easily be pasted in from sources such as spreadsheets.

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Hi Grant, We are working on this at the moment. Here are some early sketches of what this might look like:

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Hi Rachel, we are certainly working to cut down on the number of calls you need to make when things go wrong (this is in our interest as well as yours!).

The spreadsheet won't tell you anything more than what has been available through the web up to this point. It just makes keeping an eye on a list of items easier. The updated web interface for Tracking (due out soon after Christmas) will make this more easily accessible - but again it won't given you any more information than what is available at the moment.

We are aware that there are areas we need to improve with regard to the information itself (not just the ease of access). It would be great to get some examples from you so we can use these to help inform the changes we need to make ( - no obligation!

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Hi Clive, I work for the web team here at New Zealand Post.

Thanks for your feedback. We do have something along those lines available. Our Google Spreadsheet allows you to enter a long list of tracking numbers. You can then click a button and it will look up the status of those tracking numbers. You can read more about it at

If you want to use it then you'll need a "Tracking API key" - you can request one at

If you have any suggestions for improvements then we are keen to hear them at (or if you have any problems getting it to work for you let us know at

BTW: we are making changes to the tracking page on so that it will remember the items you have entered last time.
** Edit: Removed commitment to time frame for these changes - we are working on this at the moment - some hurdles still to overcome.

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We now have a developer section of our website at - this includes Tracking API information - and a feedback/suggestions area where your input is more than welcome. We are working on the Rate Finder API at the moment - then plan to look at the address validation space - see

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At this stage you need to contact me at - happy to set you up with an API key.

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Just asked for some help on the Lijit site (a couple of tips from them or you guys to get Lijit search set up across posts and comments would be most appreciated).

Also - since there seems to be an RSS feed of all comments for a site - is it not possible to configure a Google custom search across the blog AND this RSS feed?

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Going to do this - have posted an article about it in redline.