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We will expect a full post on how you combated the DDOS.

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I posted on passion this week also. http://sophisticatedfinance.typepad.com/sophistic...
Slightly different view but consistent with your ideas.

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Appreciate the heads up on Intense Debate being integrated with Lijit.

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I am sure it was not your intent to overlook the client contribution, but a lot of clients run up their legal bills by not knowing what to negotiate or when to stop negotiating. Also, with good blogs like yours and mine, clients no longer need their attorneys as the sole source of reliable (expensive) knowledge on financing terms.

One thing I have noticed is that bills are higher when the attorney does not specialize in VC deals. A good securities attorney can do a VC deal, but a lawyer who specializes in VC deals is usually cheaper and faster.

Your point about the increasing expense of attorneys perhaps not being in line with their value added is spot on. Probably even more so with accountants. Some sort of docstoc on steroids or a wiki approach may be in order.

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Very well stated. Blogging is in large part about the self-learning. With a bit of editing :), the post would be suitable for the home page at Typepad or WordPress.

If your wife did not comment, you would be missing one part of the "learning". The dog also probably has a few comments but is too respectful to mention them.

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Some further thoughts on financing fees are here. http://sophisticatedfinance.typepad.com/sophistic...

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I'd recommend only taking business from clients that meet your moral standards. Some day you may have to explain the client base on Wall Street or to an investor that has a defined morality. Your mother will be proud of you.

Also, these less moral companies are probably the easy pickings and by living off them you only delay the day when you need to learn how to sell to the rest of the world.

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Try Spicebird. Still in beta but it does not hang everyday like Outlook. Very full functionality but no synch to PDA yet.

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Robert Service remains unchallenged in his descriptions of Alaska