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I was very pleased during the last Federal and Provincial elections that most of the parties agreed to not place signs on public land. It was rather disappointing to see our Municipal politicians (or one in particular) not following suit.

Every time I see an election sign on public land I want to vote for Gerretsen a little less. Considering I drive by at least a half-dozen on the way to work each day I think without knowing a single thing about his policies Mr. Gerretsen has lost my vote.

The by-law is pretty clear on what is or isn't allowed. If I am not mistaken, by-law offenses are usually not acted upon until someone complains. I may have to get out my tape measure to find an example or 3 and contact our friendly neighbourhood by-law officer.

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hear! hear!

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I kind of think that puddle sums up the Kingston Haunted Walk. Good to do once and fun to be a tourist in your own town, but overall slightly underwhelming. Having done it 3 times over the past few years, I can say that some guides are better than others who is leading the tour can impact the enjoyment of the walk.

That being said, I would be interested in trying out Ghosts of the Fort & the new "Lakefront Ghosts & Legends" tours. I didn't know that there's a haunted pub walk in Kingston!? Ah, I see, the "winterized version" ...that sounds intriguing.

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I just noticed Green Tray for the first time the other day. (Izumo as well). I'm curious to hear what it is like so hopefully you'll have a chance to review it, Harvey.