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Just shows you can win anything as long as you REACH for it

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there's more of a nazi joke in this comic to be made but you know what...

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now i feel like an jerk for going to the Pokemon center while they were all still in the green just before i save just because everything must be, SPIC OOND SPAM!

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whelp! they don't need to find a priest for their wedding...

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Hold on a tick.... the chest plate they put on him at the begining of the cinematic isnt on him in the last scene.... I MUST COOOOOMMMMPLLLLAAAAIIIN

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apparently if you go by the cinematic it looks like he was hiding under barrens for god knows how long... the chat would slowly drive anyone into a permanently pissed off state... or break their mind... or both

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"AHEM" Deathwing tricked the other dragon aspects into helping him form the dragon soul so that he could control and manipulate them and the mortal races, in order to build it against them he had to get at least a scale from each of the other dragon aspects (leaders), he claimed that he was going to use it to defeat the invading demons during the war of the ancients "thunder" but then you know that whole business with it going rogue and ripping him multiple new assholes..

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oh my god... how does he play music to go back in time with THIS!!!!!???

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Porns so important to them cause the only chick there is Pyro and she wont give out (alternate punchline, but shes flaming)

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Another result of the cataclysmic event of barrens chat, every year 100s of noobs and experienced players alike lose there mind and anal virginity (holy *&^& wow players can lose that???) to barrens chat... be aware... the more you know the farther you'll go.
if you want to help call 1-800-chucknorrisisroxxor a small donation means.. well less of this