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I don't buy this argument. If israel decides not to concede any territory in these so-called "peace talks", Obama will do nothing. I've seen this upside down logic with regards to israel getting special treatment too many times. "what seems like an israeli victory is actually a defeat for them! just wait and see." Well, given the past history of israel perpetually getting away with everything at the expense of everyone else, I won't hold my breath.

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McCain's faux pretense of opposing wasteful military spending is laughable at best - to Mccain, $634 billion is a prudent military budget, but $2.5 billion for C-17s? Why that's just reckless spending!

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one wonders, were our "leaders" ever in touch with reality, or were they born with a mythical faith and love for the infallible and righteous U.S. Government?

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Iran's offer will have no effect on the west's israel-centric "negotiators". The issue is not how much enriched uranium Iran makes, but that it has the ability to make any at all. They will settle for nothing less than the total de-nuclearization of iran - that has been and always will be their ultimate goal.

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Perhaps we should just start referring to our war-crazed class of Iran-haters as the pro-israel "left" and the pro-israel "right". After all if they really are THAT pro-israel, they should wear the label like a badge of honor and stop pretending there is any other reason for their ranting about Iran's nuclear program than their "Israel-first" agenda.

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This is the mess Obama has stupidly created for himself with his "Team of Rivals". More like a Team of Chaos, with every chicken hawk, interventionist and political animal scrambling to avoid being called a whimp by Republican jerks and neocons who start needless wars and then pass the blame onto a weak-kneed Democrat.

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sounds like nonsense to me - why would MI6 leak that if it were really true? Moreover, I don't think the Saudis want to have a torrent of iranian missiles raining down on them in retaliation.

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I'm not sure who's President, is it McChrystal or Obama? Whoever it is, the word is out on the street - Obama's for sale to the loudest, most demanding and obnoxious bidder!

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The rationale is that "we say so" so do it. The pro-Israel faction used it's clout to get a UN Resolution passed that says there are "unresolved questions" about your civilian nuke program so freeze everything. While technically a legal action, it is highly unusual to demand a nation that is totally in compliance with IAEA inspectors and regulations completely halt it's nuclear activities over a few unresolved discrepancies. But when Israel is involved, the normal rules simply do not apply.

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It's funny how the Afghan police are worried that the regular Afghan on the street might wake up and realize the truth - that his country is under occupation by a foreign power. Speaks volumes about their legitimacy.