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....the scary part is that we can sit here 3.5 years (!) away from the next election knowing with absolute certitude that reporters, permanent or otherwise, will avoid the herd of scandalous elephants in the room.

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I note that Axelrod, Cutter, Wasserman-Schultz et al aren't as keen to go on TV and spit out the preapproved narrative, probably because there is no narrative that can explain away the nonstop stream of facts, coincidences and witnesses. It's one thing to demonize Mitt Romney, especially when you're auditing his donors in order to clear a path to electoral victory, quite another to explain what your ham-fisted 'civil servants' are up to.

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How cruel for an artist to be overtaken by such an insidious, ever-worsening neurological disorder that robbed him of his unique gifts.

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In shock like the rest. It's selfish to note that he has been taken from us at a critical moment in history but hopefully such sentiments show how valued he was. RIP.

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Both parties are awash in 'strategists' i.e. loudmouthed nobodies who manage to get on TV chat shows. If a GOP 'strategist' is speaking directly and intimately to Maureen Down then his contributions, if any, won't be missed.

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Journal Sentinel? Hey that's two lies in one title!

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It's for the children, comrade.

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Has she ever given William Paley of CBS his due for allowing her to sleep her way to the top?

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I remember Tom Brokaw mocking the IFB (earpiece) scene but he didn't realize that he was the one being mocked.

Watching William Hurt conjure up those crocodile tears, even in a fictional setting, made me ever vigilant against mawkish sentimentality. Unfortunately, that sort of pablum is about 98% of what American broadcasters offer up.

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You don't understand markets period. A market is a psychological construct as well as a series of transactions. Why does the Dow rise or fall on 'fear' or 'confidence' nearly every single day?

OPEC has changed its policy, output, etc. thousands of times over the years based on nothing more than their reactions to external events or forces. By the same token, oil companies and refineries will use any reason - including those with no basis in fact - to jack prices up.

It's not a closed loop. The barrel of oil that cost $90 yesterday might cost $100 today as a result of nothing more than the INTENTIONAL devaluation of the US dollar by 'this President.'