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I find it quite offensive that people who push pens and paper all day will be deciding whether to repeal it or not. Again the loony toon liberals are attempting to destroy our military,just not by defunding it but by ticking people off so they won't join or re-enlst.

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Here is YOUR NEW AMERIKKA,guys. If you are a member of a group that the government does not approve of,then nothing is off limits. I have been saying for months that we need to be peaceful while trying to return our government to it's original beginnings. But I am afraid that our "leaders"are going to push and push and push until we are cornered and have no other alternative but to go on the offensive.

The Tree of Liberty is begging to be watered..... do we water it or let it die?

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Don't you think that if Republicans wanted to question his eligibility they would have made a little more noise than they did? Both parties are guilty in this fiasco,Republicans are aware that Barry is a nominee to lead the NWO once it gains acceptance and they have either been threatened or have just stepped aside and will allow it to happen.

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The problem with that is our congressmen and women are in cahoots with Obama. They are aware that Barry was never vetted,and they are well aware of every single illegal act he has perpetuated. They are also probably aware that Mr. Rockefeller said that Barry was being primed to become the leader of the NWO. Nobody that is a politician will raise their voice when it comes to Barry and his sideshow,they have probably either been compensated very well for their silence or have been threatened. It will be up to people like me and you to get our current group of usurpers out of the Beltway and start with a clean slate.

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Pack your bags muslims,and anyone else who is offended by the way we support our country. And b4 you go,you can kiss my American butt.

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We should be asking why our members of congress are not speaking out. I believe it is because Barry has been chosen to lead the new One World Government,and if he is impeached then his name will be muddied and people will not trust him.

Please stop concentrating on the birth issue and look at the bigger issue.... our entire government is involved in this,not just Barry.

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How is burning a Koran considered a violation of human rights? And how the heck are these BPers talking about someone hating another when on their website they plainly state that JEWS need to be exterminated and the white man IS THE DEVIL???

And just remember.....Barry Soetoro had these guys on his website in 08.

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I am still confused as to why muslims want any part of Jerusalem when it is nowhere in their holy books. Israel will end up giving in to them,and then more bombs will be sent,Hamas will make sure of it.

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I doubt very seriously whether PMSNBC was behind his firing,just look at his ratings. If anyone at PMSNBC had any common sense they would be trying to get rid of him,just look at his ratings.