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Where's the code to and how do you, once you've added OG, how do you integrate facebook login with wordpress registration and comments forms?

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Thanks for adding the words/phrases "online video" 7 more times to my crappy SEO article... The 1 Google ad spot on this site dosent bring shit for $$ and if you read any of the rest of the 1500 articles written on this site, you'd likely see that we are passionate about the subject and do our best to provide valuable content - perhaps this article sucks but everyone has to start somewhere and I guess you found it. Good luck REAL SEO GURU... and yes, we approve comments.

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Thanks Sebastiaan - Im trying to figure that out myself - no I didnt change my sitemap and it appears that this is happening to others that Ive talked to so it is a problem with Google that I have still not received an answer on. I think it is time to write a "WTF Google" post. Have you seen this happen at all to your videos in the serps?

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its in there andy.... Thanks

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interesting question. I dont see why not - you could use the jwplayer as a youtube chromeless and use the gif as the image.

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Absolutely. If you are using javascript for click to play overlay, Id much prefer embedded player. 1, for usability, this is much more the standard and 2, search engines dont do well with javascript. I never understand when someone wants to use click to play overlay, what the reason is. You can always use a div to darken the rest of the screen like Hulu does if that is the end goal. As for auto play - never a good idea, especially if audio is enabled. It is annoying, and will result in abandonment without a doubt.

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I saw that... but what does Kodak know about photography - haha....

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poop? did we call you that before? ;-) Hope not.

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I had the same problem with Sony. Premier Elements, I havent tried. I did not have this problem at all with Pinnacle. Perhaps you could download a trial of that. Your computer should be fast enough I would think but it would depend as well on how big the AVCHD file is. Also try Sony Vegas with all other applications closed to max. your Ram. Let me know what you find out. Thanks Mike

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Ditto that. If they came out with external mix input jack, Id be using a Flip.