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Glenn Greenwald = Glenn Beck

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Duh. When was there ever a discussion?

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Good God Almighty! I raised this exact same isue eight years ago!

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Greenwald is a poser, like a character in a kung fu movie, shadow-boxing with the powers-that-be. Yes, he has a throng of pseudo-Left fans hanging on his every word, but what does he really know? Despite all his hot air, what light does he generate? Right now Obama is re-locating Gitmo to the US, and the policy of indefinite detentions is official, forever. What is lacking from Greenwald's analysis that contribues to the inexorable erosion of constitutional rights in America? Answer: any substance knowledge of "unstated" US policy, and the role of psychological warfare and covert actions in promoting its unstated polcies. The CIA is having a two week seminar on these subjects this Sept, called Spywars 101: all Greenwald's fan should get together and ante up the $200 so he can get a toehold on the matter.

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I keep asking Jeremy Scahill if Blackwater covers for the CIA, which seems a fair question, seeing as he wrote a book about Blackwater, but he keeps ducking the question. Why?