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I have one of the bridesmaids dresses that's from Unique Vintage and people stop me all the time when I'm wearing it. I love seeing it in a wedding!

I love the cars and the shoes and the sun glasses!

So much to love. Congrats!

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What's updated in the new edition? I just got engaged, ordered the new one and was surprised when Amazon sent me the old one...but I was too engrossed to send it back. If you've posted this somewhere I haven't found it.

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OH I'M SO THRILLED!! I've been looking for something like this FOREVER and couldn't quite pull it off in my head. I imagined we would walk in together but I didn't really like that either. Thanks for the picture. That completely pulled it together.

Did you have any complaints about people being far away? How many guests were there? I'm wondering if there is an optimal size.


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1. I am so bummed Elliot Bay Books is moving. It seems like blasphemy.

2. I swear I ordered the new addition from amazon and was waiting for it but they sent me the old edition. I didn't have the patience to send it back and wait for another one. Do you have description of what's new?

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I am completely stunned and speechless. GORGEOUS is all I can say.

New goal. To find a dress I feel as beautiful as I think they must feel.

Oh, and I do have one coherent comment. I'm researching non-traditional ceremony setups like the spiral....if you're reading this, can you say more? I can't quite tell from the pictures how you worked it out.


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Thanks so much for your thoughtful post. It's not an easy line to walk and I appreciate your sensitivity.