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I loved this and agree. Communication in some form does so much to increase empathy. That's why I appreciate social media. It closes the distance between me and people all over. I can't ignore or avoid tragic news like I could if I only saw it on TV.

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Oh hai. Teh lolcatz bibl pwnz but us kittehs iz liken it mor if we canz eated it. Duz it test liek de katnipz?

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Oooooo, SPOOKY. Just right for Halloween.

I suspect the Planner either is or works for some other guy who likes to work in the shadows and distract people from what they're really supposed to be doing.


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Okay, I think I just figured out the problem. Always a good idea to read the README file. :)

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Looks like a great plugin. Thanks for sharing!

For some reason I installed & got all configured, but when I choose a language to translate into, NOTHING happens. Thoughts?

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Wow, that's a tough problem. I suspect our church has it. I'll ask one of the youth guys what they do in those situations. It seems like since there are at least some dangers in the area around the church, you'd be justified in maybe having a volunteer call selected parents DURING the service, after the kids have left, just to "ask" about the kids. Like, "Joe was here, but he seems to have left. We're concerned about his safety, so we're just calling to check and see if he made it home safe." The inconvenience/embarrassment in the moment might make some parents get after their kids.

And just brainstorming... Is it okay to tell some kids that if they're not going to stay, then don't come? (I don't mean the seeker kids. More the ones who should know better.) Or is that just really pushing them away and should be avoided at all costs? Or is that a conversation to have with those kids' parents? (Again, the regular attender parents, not the unconnected ones)

Just thoughts. I'm still pretty inexperienced with that age group. But I know if MY kid was ditching and coming back for pickup, I would really appreciate knowing.

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Very cool! I always enjoy your stories. And this one is a good reminder that sometimes those cheesy sermonettes can be effective.

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Ooohh, the "Is it true?" comes way more often with my kids than I'd anticipated. I guess because I can see that they're smart and wonderful and not losers. I'm just amazed when they come home and tell me someone thinks they are.

Maybe that's God's response too....

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Wait, so are you saying the pic of your son is a HOAX?

I can never trust you again.

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Whoa. My guess as to how he ended up on the ground? Super Wife called all the kids while SYP was on his way and paid them to teach him a lesson about ministry priorities.

Just sayin...

Sure hope for your sake that SYP isn't entirely autobiographical. ;)