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Your set up will depend on the vocal sound you are after and isn’t necessarily dictated by genre. There are a few guidlines such as – compressors make the sound ever so slightly duller so place them before the eq – put reverbs and effects on an auxilliary channel and use the send on your vocal channel to set the amount. These are of course guidlines which work well in most instances however, there’s no harm in experimenting and finding what work best for you.

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Thanks Roger. Each mix engineer has their own set of favorite plugins for different applications. It would be difficult therefore to tell you what they are using. I'm assuming you're talking about the fattness and warmth of the vocal on RnB records. Correct use of compressors can go a long way to achieving a fat and warm vocal sound. Read this artical on how to use a compressor correctly: Using tube or tape saturation plugins will also help you achieve a warm and fat sound: My personal favorite plugins are the McDSP CB4 Compressor, the McDSP AC1& AC2 analogue channels, the SSL Eq and the API 550B Eq. I hope that helps. Simon

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Hi Francis, thanks for the question. You should wherever possible plug your ipod or laptop into the line level input to ensure optimum signal strength and best signal to noise ratio.

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Hey Juan,

thanks for the comment. We’ll soon be adding exclusive interviews with top producers and engineers and we’ll also be scheduling a live stream into my studio for a question and answer session. Well post notices on the home page, facebook and on twitter when we’re good to go!!


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Hi Val,

I guess there's a balance to find between keeping the fibres in and maintaining the acoustic properties of the traps. One alternative is to redesign your room so that it works acoustically without using traps of this nature. A room designed with splayed walls and ceiling for example, altough you need plenty of space and this can be costly. You could use foam bass traps, however, the problem there is that even the best foam traps do nothing much below 300Hz and will generally make your room sound too 'dead' and 'strange'.

The best solution for the early reflection points in my opinion is broadband absorbers. Pyramid foam may or may not work well. I guess this is going of be a question of trial and error.


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Hi Val,

assuming you've used the right fabric ie, one that is of a tight weave but yet breathable, you should have no problem with rockwool fibres escaping. I can't comment on the health effects of breathing in rockwool dust as I'm not a medical expert but I have not had any problems with rockwool dust escaping into the atmosphere and have not found any build up of dust on the surfaces in my studio.

Regarding covering the bass traps first with a thin membrane such as cellophane and then covering with material; this is ok to do (as long as the cellophane is very thin) but not for traps that are positioned in your early or secondary reflection points as this will cause issues with comb filtering and ultimately skew your recordings and mixes. covering the traps in this way will not affect the low frequency absorption but will make your room sound a little brighter which may or may not be desirable.


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Hi Paul,

It's difficult to give you a budget without knowing the size of your room and exactly what needs to be done but as a rough guide I spent around £400 on materials. I did have a load of rockwool already but if I had to purchase that aswell the materials budget probably would have been more like £600. Studiospares do a good deal on the rockwool. 8 slabs for £38..ish Here's a link: One word of advice is don't waste money on foam based products. They do nothing except suck out a big hole in the lower mid range!

Good luck with your build and keep us updated.


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Thanks. good luck with your build!

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Hi Craig, Shure is a trusted brand in the microphone world. The Shure PG27 USB Condenser Microphone is about as good as you'll get in that price bracket. £169.99 from here: you may find it a little cheaper if you shop around. Generally speaking, any mic is only going to sound as good as the environment in which it is recording so your daughter will do well to observe some general tips on getting a good vocal sound. She can read these articles to help her achieve a good sound:

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Thanks for your comment Bassmentinc. You might find this post on the frequency range of instruments and voices useful too.