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I felt it was a great film, and I watched it when it was shown here (Ireland) in some arthouse cinema.

It was a strange time in my life. I was starting to come out as genderqueer/trans, and watched it with my then partner. We felt odd afterwards because of all the issues it raised, so it warrants a rewatch for me.

Retrospectively, though, I am very pleased that a film of this subtlety came out of my native Argentina. I felt it was a very understated film that gave the topic the respect and reality it deserved. That said, while I'm a native of Argentina (and spent much of my childhood in Uruguay where my mother is from), I am not Intersex, so I would not know how someone with that experience would feel about it.

(Side note: the actor who plays Alex's father is called Ricardo Darin and he's just amazing in almost everything he's in)

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Ali! Lovely to see you here :D

Rock on!

(this is Ariel btw!)

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Personally, I find the comment on women deeply offensive and sexist. It's both condescending AND historically inaccurate. By simplifying the entire history of women in such a way, you're doing a massive disservice to it while being very patronising.

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Hi Monica,

I just wanted to add another conference since you're listing international ones. The Transforming Attitudes conference took place a week ago here in Ireland, and as a committee member of the Transgender Equality Network of Ireland (TENI), I was glad to be part of the organisation. It was the first legal and educational seminar on trans issues in Ireland, and it was a complete success with large attendance on both days.

This is outdated, but the list of speakers and the timetable may give a good idea of the content