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The author is spot on with her concerns. Bald eagles are incredibly sensitive to changes in their environment including noise pollution. Delaying the reconstruction of the bridge is the right answer as Fish and Wildlife have been known to make errors. Error on the side of the eagle.

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"I suspect your user name means you are the frequent letter author that goes by that name."

That piece is absolutely correct and I feel no need to mask my comments by using a pseudonym to hide my identity. I fully take ownership for my comments and thank you for recognizing that fact.

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Most people can communicate simply. To state what one is about to state, then explain what one is stating and summarize by recapping what one has just stated minimizes the intellect of the presenter and offends the recipients.

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Another reason why 95% of the lawyers give the other 5% a bad name...

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A small bit of research indicates that the claim of "cost Colorado taxpayers millions of dollars" would have shown that the majority of the expenses were covered pro bono and the balance through the Tourism Board of Colorado which is supported by industry. While one may disagree with the re-branding one should also be careful of fanning flames that don't exist with claims of "taxpayer" dollars.

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Seriously...This noise took up 8 column inches?!?!?!

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Once the oil/gas industries come "clean" about what they are allowed to pump into the ground for this clean energy...I'll be more inclined to give credibility to the wishful thinking portrayed in Mr. Gripenstraw's letter. BTW...If one is wondering how the oil/gas industry has been allowed to pump their ??? into the ground. Refer to the "Halliburton Rule" plugged into the legislation by that protector of the environment...Former Vice President Dick Cheney. It basically says that oil companies are not required to divulge their chemical foulness.

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Thank you for saying in about 15 words what others can't say in thousands...

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Absolutely 100% agree. If he was competent enough to have multiple drinks, shoot a gun and drive a car...Why the fu** isn't he competent enough to stand trial for killing that innocent bicyclist. Thanks for allowing my vent!!!

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I have lived in Boulder since 1970 and own my home. Having said that...If I didn't (currently) live in Boulder I couldn't afford to live in Boulder.