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I personally can\'t help but think of soup as being absolutely timeless. Most folks think of soup as seasonal, I think of it as an easy thing to make way too much of and reheat constantly.

And something like this soup is fantastically cheap when produced in large batches.

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Well, jeese. It's not like it's hard to recommend such a great site to people.

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Yeah, I love making them. And they fall in line great with an important piece of advice I was once told as far as \"healthy eating\" goes. You don\'t have to eat only healthy foods, but you better make sure the unhealthy things you eat you made at home.

You\'re less likely to eat an obscene amount of potato chips if you had to hand slice the potato.

Plus, they taste better too.

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I figured as much. It looks fantastic, but a little scary.

Just figured I'd toss up a direct link: http://juniakk.blogspot.com/2011/08/ultimate-gree...

Terrific, but scary.

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It's a shame that you need a food processor to make hummus properly, though. It's so fantastic and it's a barrier to making it that prevents many people.

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Yeah, I'm trying to use this blog to build an archive of recipes that even the most amateur cook will be able to impress somebody with.

I'm glad you agree with stew being one of the basics.