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I checked Toyota's website from two different computers and two different IP Addresses before posting this information on September 8th and 9th.
The explanation for this probably has to do with different zip codes when you search for specials in your location. Thanks for the feedback. I'll remember to search from a couple of different zip codes before I conclude that the latest lease offers haven't been announced.

Thanks for writing,


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Jason, sorry it took me so long to reply.

$223: Great Payment.

Nothing Down: Even Better!

If your figures are accurate that means your LVR (Lease Value Ratio) is under .90%. This is one of the best car lease deals I've ever seen. Nice work!

Your low monthly payment combined with "nothing down" is better than any of the advertised car lease specials on the manufacturer's website. This is why I recommend always asking for a better deal. Thanks for writing.


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Mazda, Buick and a few other car companies have not released their July Lease Specials. The June CX7 lease for $239 a month and $3334 Down will end tomorrow, July 6th. Hold tight and I will see what they have for July on the Mazda CX7.

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Sometimes the Car Websites make their offers hard to find. For Toyota, simply go towww.toyota.com.
From there, choose the Shopping Tools option at the bottom of the page, and it will ask you for your local zip code. The car offers, including lease and low APR deals will show up for each car you choose. Just walk into your dealer and say, hey: \"I want that $129.00 a month lease special on the Corolla\" or whatever...Tell them you want the deal with no money down. that\'s your starting negotiations point.

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Thanks for writing. Normally, leases are not available on cars that are 1 year old. Car leasing is usually reserved for brand new cars. The reason it makes sense to lease is because you can get into a brand new car without paying for the entire depreciation of the car as you do when you make a purchase. If you can find a lease deal on a 1 year old car, the residual value will be lower than it would be on a new car, and the interest rate higher because banks will have to make up the difference in profit somewhere. So, my guess is that if you could find a lease on a 1 year old car, it won't save you much, if any money. Brand new cars with super high residuals are the way to go;, like Honda, Toyota and Nissan.

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As it turns out, the Toyota Tundra has been a very sweet Truck Lease deal. Toyota has really gotten an unfair publicity rap lately, yet their quality and financing of great automobiles speaks for itself. The Toyota Tundra is an excellent leasing vehicle.

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No, she won't get $12,912 for a four year old Ford Focus and if she doesn't trade it in, she will be faced with repair and maintenance costs: Brakes, alignments, tires, etc.
$200 a month for a car lease on a $22,512 car is hard to beat, especially if you paid little or nothing down. That's a bargain!

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I think this sounds like an excellent deal. Unfortunately, I do not see this deal listed among the local offers from Toyota. Is it possible it's through the dealer rather than an advertised special from Toyota?
For what it's worth, Toyota's 4x4 Cab is leasing for $359.00 a month with $2,699 down and $329.00 a month with $2,299 down for the 4x2 Cab. A $399.00 down offer for $399 a month would certainly make sense. I'll research this further and do a quick little truck lease comparison, which I'm due for anyway.

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Your welcome. As I said, here, iLeaseMyCarPro is a great app. and one of its kind, especially for us car leasing fans. Please keep us informed on this and any other car financing software you might develop in the future.



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Thanks for the comment, Rich.
I know plenty of financial advisers who are responsible, but don't always give the best advice. I realize that leasing cars is not for everyone and would never recommend it to someone who prefers to sink their hard-earned cash into a depreciating asset, or simply enjoy owning and working on their own cars for a number of years.