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Nothing personal . . . . just political.

Though it would still be of interest to know exactly why those who are employed within the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches should still be employed if they have unpaid taxes outstanding . . . or why the IRS is not accomplishing the task of collecting any and all of the unpaid funds outstanding.

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A scam by the brazen flim flam wanna-bes . . . . for the sake of money . . . .and for the sake of power . . . . whether in the name of globalism or a one world govt . . . . while the poor, the mindless and the cronies will be more than happy to buy into such a scheme.

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Rather difficult to accept Soros' analytic viewpoint since he has a track record in profiteering handsomely from adverse economic situations as well as bankrolling his global political view.

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Have we been fundamentally transformed yet?

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US painting a false picture of the Afghan war reflects that the military may be under the undue influence of being fundamentally transformed. Prior US history had characterized the military as being patriotically true and silent in accordance to the US Constitution.

It is still up to 'the people' to determine that there should be a dedicated military at home in defense of our republic . . . no longer performing as a global police force initiated by politicians and the military corporate complex . . . and no longer supporting the notion of building nations with taxpayers funds.

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Efforts to control the natural economic laws in a fiscal and monetary system fueld by fiat currencies will culminate in failure by the mortal men striving for global governance.

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The notion that Davos elites believe they have the entitlement and power to intervene in a free market system of capitalism is absolutely absurd and appalling

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Hecklers and those who foment lawlessness will become ever more prevalent until our republic once again embraces a strong fiscal and monetary footing coupled with adherence to the US Constitution.

Following the vision to fundamentally transform the United States of America has pitted the rule of man against the rule of law.

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Obama may be a one-trick pony . . . . but it is his campaigning in which he is so very, very good at . . . . something that his presidential challenger should be very aware of and very concerned with.