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Norah is a joke, mostly there for entertainment, not serious reporting. She is so politically correct, I do not think she actually believes one word of what she espouses. More interested in keeping her hair fixed. She is a joke.

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I guess conservative talk radio will soon be shut down completely by the bleeding heart idiotic liberals. The "nigga" woman started this confrontation, I am proud of Dr. Laura. REMEMBER, WE ARE ALL RACISTS AND BIGOTS NOW.

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Chris Matthews must be hitting the sauce again, he is such a NATIONAL JOKE.

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Keith Olbermann is an idiot on steroids, spewing his hatred like the scumbag he is. He is a source of amusement, that is the only reason I tune in to MSNBC sometimes, to see him foaming at the mouth. His fellow workers should have rabies shots. He lost it years ago, and is increasingly brain dead.

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Shirley Sherrod: A face only a fellow racist could love.

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There is NO doubt that Shirley is a big time racist, I am sure she is at this moment writing a book. Her 15 minutes of fame is over, now comes 15 minutes of infamy. The Chicago Thug in Chief and NAACP have divided this nation like never before, we are in a frightening, scary age with this administration in charge. Eric Holder is doing more damage that any AG, and he apologizes to no one because he is a racist radical, just like his boss. Miss Shirley will go on to milk the government as "reparation". Is there no end to their stupidity and sense of entitlement.

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The unions, especially the teachers unions, have been living in la-la land all these years. They are in for a flogging come November. They are pigs at the trough, thank goodness this issue has come to light, probably would not have been exposed if the Empty Suit were not our leader. Thanks, BO, for making America awaken to what thugs the unions are, especially as they are your big time supporters (or WERE). All of you will be swept out in November, can't wait.

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Andrew Breitbart for President 2012. This dysfunctional administration is fighting anyone who disagrees with them by labelling everyone a racist. There could never be bigger racists than those in the Chicago Thug in Chief's WH, the NAACP, ACORN, etc. I believe Sherrod is a big time racist, the WH and MSM will slobber all over themselves to vindicate themselves. Can't wait for Nov.

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I think Sherrod is a perfect representative of this administration, a big RACIST. The WH and NAACP reactions are soooo typical of everything connected to this dysfunctional administration. The Empty Suit will spin this to his advantage, but the fact is that he reacts to everything before thinking. November cannot come soon enough.

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Multiple choice: It is all whose fault: Bush, Fox News, Andrew Breitbart, etc., the list increases every day. I believe Sharrod IS racist, but then, aren't we all, according to this dysfunctional thug President, NAACP, and DIMs who walked the plank with him. I also believe this is a diversionary tactic to keep our attention off the policies of this inane, idiotic administration. Just what we could expect from a community organizer.