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Like I said, I don't like blanket assertions, especially when I know them to be wrong. If you don't choose to identify as Hindu, fine by me! [Topic for another time: Hinduism is a constantly-evolving way of life, not a religion.]

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William: There may be "some" evidence that people do things when drunk that they'd do when they are sober, but is it conclusive? A major point of alcohol - as many socially-awkward people would attest - is to get them to do things they would not otherwise.
I am not saying that excuses Ben - and I am sure the DA took that into account. But the fact is, you can NOT say he *should* go to prison, unless and until he is convicted. There are probably plenty of folks in prison on flimsy/cooked-up evidence, and by saying Ben belongs in prison without a proper conviction, you are just condoning this "prison, who cares about evidence!" behavior.

He should be suspended, for sure - and I am sure he will be. But till he's convicted, hold back the lynch mob, please.

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Just because the arctic flounder has antifreeze properties, and the tomato is modified to include the relevant gene, does NOT mean the tomato has common antifreeze (as cars use.) That is just ignorant fear-mongering.

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Uhhh no, I disagree, to some extent. Rather, in a sense, the Bhagavad Gita disagrees: You have a right to do your duty, but you have no right to expect any consequences, good or bad. So while you always have a choice - not fate, not destiny - you have no right to the fruit of your labors.
Karmanye vadhikarasthe, maa phaleshu kadachana: http://vinaykrishna.blogspot.com/2005/06/karmanye...

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Thanks for the explanation! Are you one of the Oregon delegates?