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I got your update on the Experiment and came back after not looking at comics in a while (it wasn't you, I let my entire comics RSS folder get out of hand, so I hadn't looked at a single one in six months, visiting here only to buy a Unicorn Poop T-shirt). So the first thing I see when I come back is a topical week-long story arc, followed by a one-shot I didn't get (because we don't get HBO, but you can't have everything) and a hilarious set of con sketches. What's not to love? I didn't know you were ever gone, but welcome back. I think you're doing it right.

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I'd love to see a Majora's Mask remake for the 3DS. OOT3D hasn't gotten me to buy one yet, but OOT3D + MM3D + an entirely new game that's nothing like Phantom Hourglass or "that choo choo game with Zelda branding" would make it a must-buy for me.

But Zelda games usually take a long time, and maybe it would be a good idea to get Majora's Mask out first with the help of a third party. I don't want to hear the cries of "nothing but a port machine" if they do, though.

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Thanks, I heard about the new album too. I can't wait. I got the boxed set and "Ben Folds 55" digital collection that just came out and all this live material has me jonesing for his shows. No one else keeps bringing me back to the piano like Folds, though I've accepted I'll never play like that.

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At that age, in the mid-to-late 80s, I was going to see bands that were already way past their prime: Yes, Rush, The Who. I went to a bunch of all-ages punk shows, but no one I saw then ever made it big. I kept seeing Yes now and then over the years, more for the lineup changes than because of any hope that they'd somehow get raw again. I was eternally bummed that I never got a chance to see Led Zeppelin, what with them breaking up when I was 11, but I'd be more likely to see Them Crooked Vultures than a Led Zeppelin reunion today.

These days I feel like you look in the third panel when I go to see Ben Folds, even though I was 26 when I got his band's first album. I did eventually see them live once before they broke up, but Folds on his own manages to seem simultaneously more raw and more entertaining than they were as a band. Of the bands I most regret missing when they were together, at the top of the list is Grandaddy.

Soundgarden? Easily my favorite band to come out of that whole Seattle scene. I skipped this tour because a couple years ago I saw Cornell doing some Soundgarden songs with his band at some festival on TV, and he just seemed... bored. Hated his solo albums, so I sighed and wrote him off. Now that I hear they're still worth seeing, I'm sad I didn't go. To see them with my current favorite rock band, Queens of the Stone Age, as an opening act would have been a 15-year-old-me moment for sure, but I live on the wrong coast for that. I'll see them next summer to promote their new album... and, to be honest, probably Yes too.

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Aww, really? No Babylon 5? I understand you were like 9 and all, but I was watching Star Blazers and the first Battlestar Galactica at that age. (And yeah, I knew how cheesy they were, but a boy's gotta get his space opera somewhere.)

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Our adult self-respect.

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In honor of this strip, I'm going to go and eat a magical science donut RIGHT NOW.

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Or, if you have a bit of DIY spirit, you could pick up a refurb Nook Color for 10 bucks less, with capacitive higher-resolution screen and twice the storage (but no camera), root it and run Android 3.0 with Android Market support.

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I only got hooked on Diet Mountain Dew because there was no diet Ecto Cooler (or as they called it when I was a kid, "Citrus Cooler"). Now I can finally start working on my bastardized diabetic-safe version! Thanks!

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He might as well just make "Citizen Kane II: Kane Harder."