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I agree on Karlene's post. Mac & Cheese! The ultimate comfort food, easy to make and switch up.
One fave I do, is with caramelized onions & carrot "peel's added in after they get simmered soft...
then use pepperjack cheese along with your other cheese. The sweetness of the carrots & onions, make a nice balance to the heat of the cheese. Minced jalapenos can be added in as well, save some for a garnish too. Ok, here's my next fave twist....broccoli with a ton of garlic! Makes the veggie and starch in one dish, or a great vegetarian meal for parties when you want to have a no meat offering!

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truth be told, I have no tv for a year now that I moved to the mountains.
BUT, do have internet, via phone. Ironic, that my daughter tweets to me she's at the first bonfire of the year, just as I am reading about Campfire Banana Boats, so I send her a link to the recipe, via FB message...
and a stop n shop is close by to her...so guess we shall have the review in a little while. Sometimes,
like now, technology rocks, does it not?
The Campfire Banana Boats, I had never heard of, nor my kids, and how "simply" delicious I imagine them be.

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As long as the "theme" colors go together I am happy. 1st choice are earth & forest colors. Too matchy matchy is not our style. Like casual, welcoming feeling, especially in the bedrooms.

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My 17 year old loves Starry night, and she made a pencil "copy" of it, that took months. It did come lovely, but now she's getting Starry night dart flights, starry night earrings, mouse pad, she wants to do her sneakers as well. Maybe just a little much of a good thing, lol.

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The scratches on the wall, showing how tall my daughters got every few years, and the scratch on the floor where the rescued dog learned "not to scratch" the floor are like badges of our growth, and inspire me. The stain on the craft table, where my oldest spilled her india ink last year while creating artwork that took over a month, and will inspire many for many years to come, brings a glint of proud inspiration as well. Our potholders the girls made when they were young, now nearly in shreds, one with scorch mark, act as reminders of the many meals we made, shared with friends and family are far more inspirational then any new ones could buy. The fur dust bunnies, hiding under the sofa, inspire me to brush our rescues and thank god for sending them to us with all their unconditional love. The few plants that were my great grandmas, my grandma, my great aunt, or aunt, all remind me & inspire me to tend what I love with care as they did. But most of all, my grandma's rolling pin and my mom's wooden spoon, inspire me to do as they did, to do my best each day for those I love.