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Nailed it! I said the same thing only used tramp and they won't post it.

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Blender head.

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Yep, America is over. We've lost all sense of reality. I want an apology from progressives who have ruined the country.

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Breitbart was one cool dude who happened to be one the most effective conservative voices we have ever had. When he spoke people on both sides listened. Breitbart was honest, intelligent and passionate. He is one of few national figures that I would ever like to break bread or hang out with. These are the top reasons he will be immensely missed.

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This is the kind of pathetic controversy that makes you think there is no possible hope for our great republic. Rush was spot on. Obama is attempting to create a wedge issue while Repubs stand around dumb founded. If the Repubs had half a brain they could ridicule him to death with it. They needed to hit the body with mockery so they could get the knockout blow with the Blunt amendment. The professor, not unlike most progressives, has gone undiagnosed on the insanity spectrum.

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Neil said, of that last clip, there was one of him and a thousand of them, and I say it still wasn’t a fair - for them. There are millions of us and we are the majority. Andrew showed us what one guy could do - imagine what millions will do. Let’s make 2012 one Big election.

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If you’re referring to the part of the anchor that catches on, then you nailed it. Perhaps, you meant a flounder which is known for its fighting ability and flavor. Both seem kind of positive to me. The tide is turning my friend.

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In this day and age, every little bit counts.

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Not unlike Breitbart, I am rather passionate person. Interestingly, I am invigorated, sadden, but intensely invigorated. Yes, I’ve gotten upset looking at the tributes, but death is a common plight we all share. It is how we live, our lives, that sets us apart. Breitbart left nothing on the table and accomplished a lot in his short time with us, that is simply inspiring.

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Na, we’re just going to end you presidency next November. If you were going to argue for subsidies I think oil would be the one you’d put at the top of the list. Like the other posters so aptly put we are going to end the idiotic ones first.