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I agree this BRT should be better than heavy rail. It will not, however be a good deal for car commuters between Denver and Boulder.

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Now the truth comes out that the HOV3 is a requirement to make sure the toll lanes make enough money. That also means there will be heavy police presence at all times to enforce Plenary Roads Denver's tolling operation. Remember a couple of months ago the HOV3 announcement was so that "the buses would have clear lanes of travel."

Come on Colorado-just raise the gas tax and build some roads. The solution is incredibly simple. Instead we're going to have this ridiculous mix of tolling all over the city. Oh well this ship has sailed... The corporations are running the place.

One good thing is the diverging diamond. That should be a big improvement. Looking forward to the new Superior town center.

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Just a comment about the internet news cycle--where all news is reported on charges and almost never on convictions--Charges dropped, but mugshot has already been at the top of google news all day and broadcast on every media outlet around the world.

This could happen to anyone who gets arrested and never convicted of anything. It goes into your permanent Google file for employers to search before hiring. Paul Walker's death was reported while the car was still on fire. Maybe we're taking the world of instant information too far.

Also thanks to Bleeth for your analysis and judgment of this man. Sounds like you're better than him. (I don't have an opinion about him one way or another, but that's your job not mine.)

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A good day for drivers who are merely being "ticketed" and still a bad day for the cyclists they killed or maimed.

Riding in Ft. Collins is always dicey. The road system has bike lanes, but they are so wide and full of cars you never know where the next threat is coming from.

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It was scary driving this morning in almost no visibility and the bridges were all iced over. The biggest issue is people driving too fast for conditions, though. Fortunately out where I was people were taking it easy.

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Me too.. please get out of Colorado ASAP. We don't need merchants of death paying taxes in blood money.

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I'm going to see a man about a horse.

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The Simpsons already did it.

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So are these 1400 homes going to be similar to what Broomfield did at the 1st Bank Center? Will any of these homes have garages, or just the ones over $300k?

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Sad day for cyclists and this man's family. I had a bad day of bike/traffic interactions yesterday. Maybe it's the dog days of summer and people aren't being as careful. I always assume the next car can't see me and is going to plow into me at any intersection. Ride safe, slow down and don't text and drive.