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Trevor Horne's production, and the fact that there's a 20-minute song, gives me SOME hope that this new album might be worth listening to. Rick has come and gone many times, but I'm still kind of pissed at how the band has treated Jon Anderson lately.

The Drama album (and lineup) got a lot of flak at the time, but that album's held up pretty well. Perhaps Trevor's voice isn't what it used to be, and that's why they still need Benoît David. They could have asked Jon back to sing on at least ONE new song; that would have gone a long way towards mending fences... and would guarantee higher album sales as well!

As a long-time Yes fan, I'll probably buy the CD regardless.

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Yamaha's press kit says :
"...In a small, black device the i-MX1 carries the needed electronics and two connectors for the included adapter cables which represent the MIDI input and ouput (with the well known 16 MIDI channels each)."

I think that means traditional DIN-type MIDI !/O plugs. A USB option would be handy too!

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Agreed. Guy waves his hands around as if he's grooving to the bad music. He needs to make a better attempt at marketing; from this video we've learned nothing about the app at all. Could have potential tho!

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The clear side panels are cool... they ought to throw a few extra LEDs inside just for the hell of it for some internal blinky fun!

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He said maybe 280 Euros, which is about $400 US... so NOT an inexpensive toy or an impulse buy for me!

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Sounds like Korg just went PLOP, here' s your new product! Figure it out and demo it NOW!

Kinda felt sorry for the guy, but he coaxed some nice sounds outta it. Chopping up your synth riffs into 8 segments has some possibilities; way more than that drum section, which was lacking.

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Is it really a contact mic or a just a sensor/trigger? It kind of seems like a contact mic, based on the water bottle and can demos, and I dug how it worked with a tambouring... that would be fun to use LIVE. Hopefully you can edit the preset sequences too.

Kudos to Korg for showing a straightforward "here's what it does" video without all the excited narration, fancy effects and lighting, and lack of real information, unlike some other manufacturers (I'm talkin' to YOU, Roland).

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Maybe I can sync it to my Bliptronic 5000 then!

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I was expecting at least USB, which would have made some sort of sense to the Korg iPad app users that they marketed this to. Looks interesting IF it's < $100 USD.

At least it's NOT what many expected... none of us suspected that the Stylophone would get competition! ;-)

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Good eyes, and great sleuthing! That narrows it down a LOT. From those clues, it's definitely an analog sequencer at the very least, so speculation that it's the Monotribe makes more sense now. Still, why market it to Korg iPad app owners???